Responses to ‘Why Jump Out of a Perfectly Good Airplane’

Friday, April 19, 2024

How to Respond When Someone Asks ‘Why Would You Jump Out of a Perfectly Good Airplane?’

We can’t possibly count how many times we’re asked: Why jump out of a perfectly good airplane? Most of the time, it’s rhetorical and we enjoy responding with a funny comeback. But some people want to know our why – and we’re always happy to share about the joy, freedom, and empowerment that comes with jumping from an airplane.

In this article, we’ll look at skydiving planes, share some of our silly as well as serious responses to this frequently asked question, and take a deeper look into the mind of a skydiver.

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Let’s Define ‘Perfectly Good’

Hands down, the most common response to the overused question is, “There’s no such thing as a perfectly good airplane.” And we mean that. Does this mean skydiving planes (AKA jump planes) are totally dysfunctional and being held together with willpower and duct tape? Absolutely not. What skydivers love more than anything in the world is jumping into the big blue sky over and over (and over) again. And we need a rock-solid jump ship to do that.

Airplanes are impressive feats of engineering, but insinuating they’re flawless is the same as acting as unicorns exist – which would be awesome, but is false. Simply put: Planes are man-made; they have quirks just like our cars and appliances. They need to be maintained to be consistently reliable. At Skydive Carolina, safety is our number one priority, which is why we take meticulous care of our aircraft.

Perfectly Good Come Backs …

When you work and play in an environment that’s got a cliche associated with it, you enjoy coming up with witty one liners in response. We’ve assembled some of our favorites here – all of which also make for spectacular social media captions for your skydiving videos!


Humorous Retorts


This section is for the quick-witted and light-hearted skydivers of the world:


  • “Because the door was open!” (popular!)
  • “There’s more legroom outside the plane!”
  • “I can only afford a ‘one way’ ticket!”
  • “Why not?” (popular!)
  • “We’re here for a short time, make it the best time!”
  • “Because most airplane accidents happen on landing.”
  • “The view’s pretty great.”
  • “It’s more fun than jumping into an airplane.”


Sincere Responses


These responses are tailored to those who are a bit more sentimental:


  • “Because I don’t want to live with any regrets.”
  • “I want to see what’s on the other side of fear.”
  • “Skydiving might seem crazy, but it keeps me from going insane”
  • “What’s the point of going through life bubble-wrapped?”
  • “The feeling of flight (it’s magical)!”
  • “Peace of mind and soul … joy and excitement … FREEDOM!”
  • “I want to conquer fear!”
  • “To experience a moment of peace in a world of chaos.”


A Deeper Look …

People skydive for the first time for all sorts of reasons, here’s our top three: to overcome fear, to put a check on the bucket list, and to feel the adrenaline. We’d like to emphasize that these are common reasons people decide to make an airplane jump for the first time. The reasons they stick with it and pursue solo skydiving are nearly infinite, ranging from gaining a sky family and confidence by crushing goals, to being able to empower others on their skydiving progression!

skydiving hobby

Overcome fear.

Stepping out of a plane thousands of feet above the ground is an empowering experience! Many first-time jumpers recollect the incredibly freeing experience of skydiving, and how they leave the dropzone with a newfound perspective. There’s something special and (dare we say) life-changing about realizing how teeny-tiny our problems on the ground are when we’re up there, and this refreshing outlook transcends the first jump.

Check it off the list.

If checking “skydiving” off the ole bucket-list is your why, you’re not alone! Many people jump to say they did it (or prove to themselves that they can). Going through the experience with your friends by your side makes it that much more special!

Feel the thrill.

Launching yourself from a freaking airplane is pretty exhilarating. Skydiving is inherently an adrenaline-filled adventure that makes people truly feel alive! When we skydive, tons of “happy chemicals” are released throughout the body, making skydiving a true happiness enhancer.

Does this mean skydivers are a bunch of danger seekers and risk-taking aficionados?! Nah. Remember, skydiving is an extreme sport with inherent risk, but that risk is extremely calculated and mitigated in every area possible – meaning, skydivers are actually a very safety-conscious people.

Are You Ready To Jump?

It’s all about the leap, not the airplane ride up! Next time someone asks you why you choose to skydive, tell them that sometimes the best experiences begin when you leave the comfort of the known and embrace the thrill of the unknown. We can’t wait to show you that the sky’s not the limit: it’s just the beginning. Book today!

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