Best Time of Year and Time of Day to Skydive

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Best Time to Skydive

What is the best time of day to skydive? What about the best time of year to skydive? Is there a skydiving season!? All good questions that we’ll answer for you right here. Whether you’re a seasoned skydiver or a novice searching for the perfect time to take the ultimate leap, let’s uncover the secrets of timing in the skydiving realm.

best time to skydive

What is the Best Time to do a Skydive?

Is it better to skydive in the morning or afternoon? Well, it depends on personal preference. Sport skydivers tend to have their own preferences, perspectives, and quirks. For many, jumping just after dawn is a better alarm clock than a donut and steamy cup of Joe. On the flip side, the undeniable allure of sunset jumps convinces many to put afternoon jumps at the top of their list. Let’s go over a few pros and cons of morning, midday, and evening jumps!


There’s a certain tranquility about being on the first load of the day. The morning typically boasts the best weather, despite the post-dawn chill in the air. The early hours generally have minimal winds (if any) and give you the highest chance of freefalling on time.

Wait … what? Our goal is to keep everyone safe, happy, and on schedule. That being said, we can’t control the weather! If there happens to be a midday thunderstorm, the time taken to wait that out will put everyone on a delay. If you jump early in the morning, you’ll either be chillin’ with us or be long gone! So, is it better to skydive in the morning? We sure think so!


The middle of the day offers the most sunshine! Sometimes, as the air heats up throughout the day, it can fight with the cooler temperatures as they get pushed out, and cause some bumpy air. A higher variability in weather is the largest downside of midday jumping. That being said, the weather gods can throw us a curveball at any time. And veteran jumpers often tell solo students who are worried about the weather: “You can’t jump if you’re not here!”


Okay … we know we just advocated for pre-coffee jumping and midday air baths, but sunset jumps are kind of unmatched. Imagine climbing in the airplane on the last load of the day – everyone is exhausted, but still thrilled. You leap out into the blazing oranges and pinks painted across the sky and realize you’re one with the sun. Avid skydivers love sunset jumps and often fight over slots for the last load – these jumps make your worries melt away with the soft glow of the sun.

sunset skydiving

Is There a Skydiving Season?

Some dropzones shut down during their “off-season,” while others stay open year-round. Skydive Carolina is proud to fall into the latter category! Each season holds positives and negatives for sky jumping, but this doesn’t necessarily make one better than the other – it’s all about what you prefer.

Spring Skydiving

Dusting off the winter cobwebs with a skydive is awesome. Springtime is nice because it boasts awesome temperatures. But, you know what they say about April showers …. Unfortunately, the springtime is variable when it comes to the weather forecast. We always put safety first, and if the weather keeps us grounded, we’ll help you rebook to a later date that works for you!

A plus about jumping with us in the spring is CarolinaFest! This boogie (a giant skydiving party) is quintessential Skydive Carolina. And this year’s event is especially highly anticipated because it’s been on hiatus since 2019! Joining us during CarolinaFest would be SICK – you’ll get to see the dropzone in full swing as skydivers from across the nation get back to business!

carolinafest 2024 skydiving boogie

Skydiving in Summer

Summertime skydives are what seasoned jumpers dream about – the vibes are top-notch. The long days and warm temps bring skydivers out of the woodwork, and the promise of sunshine and serotonin seems to encourage first-timers to leap. No surprise, summer is our busiest season! This has the potential to create some longer wait times, but nothing is boring about getting hyped up with other tandem students and inquiring about the sport with our seasoned team members.


The only downside of jumping in the summer can be the heat. Just like any other outdoor, invigorating activity, it’s critical to properly prepare. What should you avoid before skydiving in summer (or any time of the year)? Do NOT get dehydrated or jump with an empty belly.


Many people are nervous about getting sick from skydiving (which is super, duper rare BTW), and so choose not to put anything in their stomach. This is the opposite of what you should do! The day of your first jump is exhilarating, and if the jitters are making it difficult to eat, make a conscious effort to munch on some crackers and sip water. No wooziness here, please.

Autumn Skydiving

Autumn is typically windier than the summer, but with any weather hold, rescheduling is a literal breeze (see what we did there?). The fall is a popular time to skydive – you’re diving into a painting of fiery oranges, reds, and yellows. Put those against a crispy, Carolina blue sky: chef’s kiss! From a bird’s eye view, the autumnal landscape can look like a patchwork quilt; the various fall hues fight for your attention!

Skydiving in Winter

Skydiving in winter is underrated. There, we said it!! Seasoned skydivers (those wistful summertime dreamers) are often spooked by the chillier temps and opt to get time in the tunnel while waiting for the ideal season to jump. On the other hand, the temperature doesn’t seem to affect first-timers: the timing is always right to experience a life-changing event!


As always, we would remain grounded in dangerously cold temps – but in the Carolinas, that’s very rarely a consideration. In places with a “real winter,” jumping is often possible with the right gear. Cold is a mindset when it comes to skydiving!

The dropzone is the happiest place on earth, no matter the time of day or the season. We can’t wait to help you achieve your blue-skied wishes, anytime you’re ready!

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