Why Becoming a Skydiver Will Enrich Your Life

Monday, June 11, 2018

How Becoming a Skydiver Will Enrich Your Life

Let’s face it. Skydiving isn’t normal. So how can skydiving enrich your life when there’s fear to face? Today we are going to take you on a journey of what it means to ‘pass the dimension of fear’ and explore how if you become a skydiver, it will bring greater meaning to your life.


Helps build confidence by facing fears


It’s normal to feel nervous about skydiving because much of the sport is unknown to the general public. Needless to say, once a person braves the act of passing through the door of a jump plane, some 13,000 feet above the earth, a profound shift occurs.


Everyone experiences this shift differently, but the bottom line is this. To have the idea to jump from a plane you need courage. To get out of bed and show up to a skydiving center – a completely foreign environment with fast moving planes, unfamiliar equipment, facilities and people – takes courage. To go through class, gear up and board the plane, takes courage. Then making your way to the door of the plane when your mind says it’s safer inside (that’s our survival instincts kicking in), takes a hell of a lot more courage. And finally, making the leap out of the jump plane and letting go, takes superhero-strength kind of courage!

It’s usually not until a few days pass when the daydreaming mind that savors each detail of the jump comes to – and that’s when it hits. Things that used to seem scary, aren’t. Things that were daunting like talking to a girl or applying for a new job seem easier. Because after facing the unknown, that fear, you found an insane amount of courage that you yourself never knew you had. You’ve lived passed everyone else’s fear for you ‘jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. And for those few short moments, you took life by the horns and just let go. That my friend is the best way to find the confidence you may never knew you had!


Be welcomed into a community of eclectic characters from all backgrounds


Welcome to skydiving. Just doing one skydive welcomes you into this eclectic group of people that may never have otherwise crossed paths. Where lawyers share the skies with college grads, and moms share the skies with managers. It’s a community where your title or status quo outside of skydiving falls away and you become one of us. Welcome to the community of people who’ve passed the dimension of fear, and come out the other side like a voyager, seeking new worlds to explore. The bond you create with these fellow voyagers is like none other in life – it’s solid, lifelong, and authentic.

skydiving benefits


Travel opportunities


When you are welcomed into the community, you are usually welcomed into your home drop zone, like Skydive Carolina. This is where you earn your A-license, get acquainted with the instructors, local jumpers, and get introduced to one of the top events in the world that’s hosted in our backyard: Carolina Fest.

Once you attend an epic event like CarolinaFest, your mind will be blown! Hundreds of jumpers flock to our humble DZ with headlining athletes to escort all licensed jumpers of all skill levels in any discipline to rock the skies! Manufacturers set up booths, planes go up round the clock, novelty jumps, and an epic theme party to round it out. This my friends, set the stage for future travel to other events as you meet skydivers from around the world that you become friends with and those friends welcome you to visit them at their home DZ or help you discover another event like this. This my friends sets the stage for your opportunity to travel the world, expanding your horizons, meeting more incredible and like-minded people, and gain life experiences.


Reach Your goals:


  • Earn Licenses
  • Become an Instructor
  • Compete
  • World Records
  • Discover a New Discipline (Formation Skydiving, Freefly, Angle Flying, Wingsuit)


As we’re beginning to unveil, you’re beginning to see that skydiving is so much more than just a one-and-done experience. Most people don’t know this, but skydiving is a sport! There are so many different disciplines, ratings, competitions, and other opportunities you can explore!

become a skydiver

Earning your first license is a huge investment of time and money. After that first major goal in this sport is accomplished, many people have a hard time finding what’s next after that structured, goal-based course. That’s why it’s important to find what you like in the sport while in student status so you can start setting goals after that glorious A-stamp has been proudly marked on your forehead.


It would almost seem like a waste to simply stop skydiving after the A-license. After all, you did invest all that time and money. Make the most of it! Having goals in our sport keeps us motivated, and focused. But there’s no feeling in the world to match the one of having reached them!

Fills your time with great experiences, memories and a community that feels like family


Many times we hear, “What did we do before skydiving?” And most of the times people say they used to watch a lot more TV or often frequented bars. Skydiving helps you disconnect from the digital world, be out in nature, be immersed in the community, and open the doors to opportunities you might not get in the every day-to-day routine. Looking back we can say the same, that skydiving has given us a life beyond our wildest dreams.


We’ve been at this for a long time and still managed to keep our love for this sport because the industry is like no other. We’d love to welcome you to an incredible world or help you grow in it! Because we can speak from experience, skydiving will enrich your life!



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