Why You Should Spend Money on Experiences

Monday, July 22, 2019

Skydive Carolina: Why You Should Spend Money on Experiences




What did you get for your birthday last year? Two years ago? If it was a thing, you probably can’t recall. If it was an experience, though, betcha can. Which is why we think you should spend money on experiences. Plus research says spending money on experiences can make you happier!


Turns out, FOMO has a cure – and often, gifting an experience is just the salve the doctor ordered. Our favorite experience to spend money on, of course, is skydiving – check it: 

spend money on experiences skydiving

Hero Status


When you buy experiences not things, you’re near guaranteed to garner the wow factor. As in, “What????!?!?!? Wowwwwwwww.” 


That oh-you-shouldn’t-have tone is nowhere near your present. 


Don’t forget to have your phone out and hashtags ready when it’s time for your gift to be revealed … because the reaction is going to be solid gold on social media


(And don’t forget #skydivecarolina )

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The gift that Keeps on Giving


The gift of flight is still out of reach for us humans, but skydiving gets us pretty damn close. When you give someone the opportunity to soar, you send them on a journey that’s enveloped in inspiration and a heaping helping of motivation. 


The empowerment first-timers and progressing skydivers feel following a jump is unachievable any. other. way. 


Watch out, y’all. Once you’ve skydived, there’s no tellin’ what you’ll tackle next. Light a fire, watch it glow.


spend money on experiences

Cloud 9


Experience gifts typically manifest from a comment that reveals an unfulfilled life goal, or a bucket list item everyone knows about.  


Either way, gifting an experience leads to a series of mega Cloud 9 moments. 


Giving not only permission but also an all-access-pass to soul-nourishing self-indulgence is unparalleled. And the thrill of seeing someone you love on Cloud 9 will send you sky-high too … at least to Cloud 8.


Time to Exhale


Everyone has their own reason for “jumping out of a perfectly good airplane”. 

why you should spend money on experiences


Some seem born with a thirst for adventure; for others, it’s the need to release something that’s been weighing them down. Whether quenching that thirst or casting worries to the wind, people often feel a tremendous sense of release, reclamation and renewal upon landing. Skydiving is crazy cathartic. 


Everyone’s journey is different. We’ve seen it all. We’ve got your back.


Make New Friends


When you skydive – regardless of whether it’s your first jump or your five-hundredth – you will be welcomed at the dropzone with opened arms. 

spend money on experiences


The skydiving community is renowned the world over for being supportive and warm. From hugs and high fives following your first tandem to pearly words and invitations for collaboration once you’re immersed in the sport, everyone’s part of the tribe. 


And skydivers aren’t only wanderlusting nomads (though we are that too); we’re educated and driven doctors and lawyers, detectives and engineers. There’s room in the crew for people of all stripes and life experiences. The more the merrier. 


Eureka, y’all.




Spending money on a relatively quick experience may feel extravagant … but not after considering the irreplicable spiritual, mental and emotional gains skydiving promotes. 


Get after it. Blue skies!

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