Skydiving as Therapy?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Skydiving as Therapy?

If you’re thinking of making a skydive, you probably fit in one of two categories. Either it’s something you’ve always wanted to do and you’ve decided it’s time to do it, or you’ve had a life event that has caused you to challenge everything.

For many of our guests, it’s the latter. It’s not unusual for us to host people who have had a challenging path in life. Many of our customers have recently been through a divorce, learned of a cancer diagnosis or recently lost a loved one.

These guests don’t decide to skydive because they’ve lost hope and feel like they have nothing to lose. Instead, they skydive because they’re looking to find that spark again; something to awaken them from that slumber. Skydiving usually does just that.


The beauty of jumping from a plane is that it’s empowering. To jump from 14,000 feet amidst the noise of your pounding heart and your friends who tell you you’re crazy for doing it… and then loving the experience, IS empowering. The experience jolts you forcing you to realize that there is still life to be lived despite one’s trials.

For several years we hosted Operation Free Fall. An event that partnered with a local rape crisis center that claimed to “Take a two mile high stand against sexual assault.” We hosted guests who had been through this trauma and it was always emotional to see people land with arms extended high above their heads exclaiming loudly, “YES.” We’ll never forget one lady who shared, “I arrived here with so much baggage and left my burdens up there when the parachute opened.”

Skydiving doesn’t solve people’s problems, but it does offer a change in perspective. To meet people who embrace life and to see the world from a different view allows one to entertain the idea that better days can come. Additionally, all skydivers share the common thought that skydiving forces one to completely live in the moment. Hurts from the past and worries of the future mean nothing during a skydive. For at least one minute, one is present and to some that is priceless.


Through the years, we’ve met many therapists who have shared that they wish they could prescribe skydiving to many of their patients because of the perspective it brings. Because of the risk involved and the potential liability of telling someone to go skydiving, it’s not something that therapists prescribe. Anyone who has skydived will attest it is a remarkable experience. To some, life-changing.

As a skydiving organization, we recognize that everyone who joins us has a story. What we love about what we do is hearing the story after landing. Guests arrive as strangers and then after the experience is over there are hugs, celebrations and tears in the landing area as it all pours out.

We are lucky that we get to do the job we do because of the experiences we have with our guests. Every day is different. Our mission is to never offer a simple “ride”, but rather a life changing experience that energizes us and leaves you changed.

To all who have jumped with us in the last 30 years, thank you for trusting us and giving us the fulfillment of being part of your story.

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