Top 5 Movies With Epic Skydiving Scenes

Friday, May 31, 2024

Best Movies with Skydiving Scenes

Although nothing can compare to soaring the skies first-hand, skydiving movies do a good job of giving us a taste of that high-flying excitement! But, are parachute scenes in skydiving movies real? Do actors really know how to leap from planes, and even if they do, is the cinematography genuine? This article will dive into the world of skydiving scenes in movies, answering common questions and debunking the myths of Hollywood-esque skydiving.

Grab your popcorn and get ready to dive into must-see skydiving movies while gaining a clearer understanding of what it’s really like to leap from a plane. And hopefully by the end – our fingers are crossed – you’ll be more inspired than ever to say yes to the adventure of skydiving!

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1. Point Break (1991)

What is a movie about skydiving in the 90’s? More like, what is THE movie about skydiving in the 90’s!? It is, of course, none other than Point Break. To really get the adrenaline pumping, we have to dive into the world of skydiving movies, 90’s style!


What’s it about? Point Break is a thriller where an FBI agent goes undercover to infiltrate a gang, who they suspect are extreme-sports enthusiasts. The FBI agent must navigate the polar opposite worlds of surfing and skydiving to bring the gang to justice.


What’s real?


  • Did Keanu really skydive in Point Break? Nah, but the legendary Patrick Swayze sure did! This was the first time a major actor jumped on the big screen.


What’s fake?


  • The length of time this skydive takes is unrealistic. Skydives can last multiple minutes, but not when they’re from an average altitude of 10,000 to 14,500 feet.


  • Talking during freefall is impractical. Of course, words can leave your mouth, but no one will be able to hear them (this can work to your advantage if you feel the need to scream an expletive)! Can you talk under canopy? Yep, once the parachute deploys, tandem instructors and their students are able to easily converse.

2. Fandango (1985)

We’re bringing it back to the 80’s for this gem. For you modern-day kids, this movie is a must-see – don’t knock it just because it’s before your time!


What’s it about? Fandango is like a coming-of-age comedy. A group of five take a road trip across Texas in the ’70’s, right before heading off to college or the Vietnam War. Throughout their journey, they grow an unbreakable bond, and this is only strengthened through their courageous (and crazy) skydiving experience.


What’s real?


  • Parts of the jumps are real footage! But again with the timing … the duration of freefall is just way unrealistic.


What’s fake?


  • An obvious fake is the minute-long “skydiving course” that’s shown in the film. Sure, training is super robust now compared to 40 years ago, but it was certainly longer than a minute, didn’t aim to invoke fear and confusion, and definitely allowed for follow-up questions!

3. Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

What’s it about? Kingsman is an action-packed comedy that portrays a young man being recruited into a secret spy organization. To be initiated, he must pass a series of tests, one of them being an unconventional and jaw-dropping skydive.


What’s real?


  • The jumps are real – members of the Red Bull skydiving team acted as stunt doubles for the shots. But once again with the duration of freefall, it’s unrealistic.


What’s fake?


  • The actual sporadic deployment of parachutes is not real. Skydivers place safety first in all we do, and going into a jump unprepared or without a plan is a BIG no-no!

4. Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

Is Tom Cruise a trained skydiver? Ooooh, yes, yes he is! Not only does Mr. Cruise feature in his skydiving scenes but now he can be seen BASE jumping in movies too! Tom Cruise shows an impeccable level of skill and precision in his newest film Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning when he BASE jumps off a bridge, from a motorcycle – for real.


What’s it about? Mission: Impossible – Fallout conveys the ultimate test of loyalty. When faced with life-altering decisions, securing the literal fate of the planet, and the threat of assassins, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has the weight of the world on his shoulders (it’s only logical he’d have to leap from an airplane at some point).


What’s real?


  • The entire MI: Fallout freefall scene is real, yes, Tom Cruise actually deployed his partner’s parachute. These skydiving and cinematic aficionados shot this scene multiple times to get the lighting and timing perfect.


What’s fake?


  • Giving another jumper oxygen mid-air and deploying at the insanely low altitude Mr. Cruise does is false! Skydivers generally deploy their canopies anywhere between 3,000 and 5,000 feet, not mere hundreds of feet off the ground like in the film.
  • The intense lightning and dusk aura is false. Yes, licensed skydivers can do night jumps, but we never (EVER EVER) jump in inclement weather.

5. Iron Man III (2013)

What’s it about? Iron Man III shows Tony Stark confronting the bad guys, having his home totally wrecked, and embarking on a journey to uncover the truth.


What’s real?


  • The freefall portion of the skydiving scene happened, but the skydivers were stunt doubles and they were wearing strategically-concealed skydiving gear.


What’s fake?


Has Anyone Made A Skydiving Documentary?

Yes! There are quite a few skydiving documentaries floating around out there. Some of the most well-known are: Fly (2024), Sky High (2012), and Pink Skies (2011).


Skydiving documentaries generally do a fantastic job at encompassing the passion and dedication surrounding the sport. They create a space of relatability for avid and new jumpers and allow complete novices the opportunity to peer into the magic of our sport.


Ready to take the leap with us? Book today! Still a bit hesitant? No worries (pre-jump anxiety is normal), watch these five films and see how you’re feeling. We can’t wait to have you! Blue skies!


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