Is Skydiving About the Adrenaline?

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Adrenaline and Skydiving

The skydiving adrenaline rush gets more than its fair share of attention. Nine times out of ten when you mention going skydiving, people are going to assume you’re just a thrill seeker. Yes, it’s true: skydiving produces one of the most extreme adrenaline rushes you can experience. And yes, for some, that skydiving adrenaline rush is the main selling point (at least at the start anyway).

alcohol before skydiving

However, if you were to delve a bit deeper you would see that there are many reasons why people skydive for the first time. Some come to conquer fear. Others use the experience to disrupt their status quo.

The reasons are as manifold as the types of people you can see at the dropzone on any given day. For those that come back weekend after weekend, there seems to be something else at play besides seeking peaks of adrenaline. These are the aspects of skydiving that keep the “rush” going, even if the amount of adrenaline the activity invokes begins to fade.

The Skydiving Community

The first thing you’ll notice at a southeastern dropzone like Skydive Carolina is the hospitality. When you stroll up to the dropzone, you’ll almost feel like you’ve known the people around you for years.


An extraordinary aspect of skydiving is its focus on creating a sense of community. Despite differences in socioeconomic status, job title, race, or creed, a dropzone is a place where folks who pursue the same passion sidle up and make moves to live their life to the best of their abilities. Likewise, the mutual, avid pursuit of purposeful happiness creates an uncanny comradery.


This immediate inclusivity is extended to all regardless of whether it’s your 1st or 500th skydive. When you come to the dropzone, you feel like you are home. So many come for the thrill of skydiving and stay for the feeling of belonging.

skydiving community

Learning New Things

There is more to do in skydiving than just making tandem jumps. (Although, if you want to stick to tandem skydiving that is a-okay too!) With the Accelerated Freefall Program at Skydive Carolina, you can learn to skydive solo. From mastering forward movement to nailing front flips and barrel rolls, there is a ton to learn as you progress through the Accelerated Freefall Program.


The learning doesn’t stop once you get the A License. Rather, it’s just a drop in the bucket. There is so much more you can do to dial in your skills and progress, including skydiving camps across the United States led by professional skydivers.

aff student learning to skydive in SC

Goal Setting

Aside from the skydiving adrenaline rush, another reason why people skydive comes down to setting and achieving their goals. Some people have aspirations to earn their skydiving license. Other individuals desire to zip into a wingsuit and go soaring amongst the cavernous clouds.

A portion of jumpers even discover how captivating competitive skydiving can be and set their sights on reaching the podium. The end goal may change, but one thing remains the same: the skydiving adrenaline rush isn’t all that jumpers crave.

Facing a Challenge

Especially at the beginning, a majority of people decide to make that first jump not solely for the rush of adrenaline but, rather, to face their fears and tackle the challenge of pushing past their perceived boundaries. Skydivers, in general, also tend to have this desire to rise to a challenge in common.

While one aspect of skydiving, like freefall, for example, may come naturally to a person the notion of canopy flight may not or vice versa. There’s almost always something to work on in skydiving, whether it be clearing your mind or working toward a particularly challenging skill. Skydivers don’t shy away from the challenge. They embrace it.



What is your motivation to skydive? Is it the adrenaline rush or something else? Discover your why and visit us at Skydive Carolina today.

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