5 Things to Learn Before You Die

Monday, March 11, 2019

5 Things to Learn Before You Die

Most everyone has some sort of bucket list they’re kicking around in the back of their brain. Long, short, huge goals or ideas for little victories; no list is the same.

Every weekend at Skydive Carolina we help people of all ages and backgrounds – who skydive for a whole host of reasons – to check off a mega priority on their list of before-you-die-to-dos.

Here’s a little advice if you’re on the fence on tackling one of your own line items:

Learn how to Face Your Fear

One bucket list theme that commonly crops up: fears to be faced.

We know because we’ve done it ourselves and we see it thousands of times every season, that facing your fears is an enormous personal victory. It’s liberating, inspiring, enriching, exhilarating, restorative, grounding, affirming, empowering and straight up cathartic. It’ll blow your mind and lift your spirit.

First-time skydivers harness a heaping helping of can-do attitude and a glorious boost of confidence when their feet touch the ground. The feeling of accomplishment is so wonder-filled and intense that it tends to serve as catalyst for tackling other items on their list of life goals.

things to learn before you die first time skydiving

Learn How to Set a Goal and SMASH IT

Bucket listers tend to feel defeated or even unworthy of their lofty goals if they can’t seem to get their arms around them. Goals that feel unattainable can cast doubt and insecurity. No bueno.

You know that old adage – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts? Or maybe newer school version is more familiar: it’s about the journey and not the destination? Breaking down a big idea into smaller achievables brings clarity and emboldens forward momentum.

Learn How to Do the Damn Thing

Once you’ve figured out the baby steps, it’s time to start taking leaps.

If you can’t get out of the starting gate, share your plan with your network or invite someone you trust to accompany you – or better yet, do it too – and work some accountability into your plan.

And then … make the call, book the trip, buy the gear, connect the dots.

Learn how to Gain Perspective

The pursuit of the improbable and, ultimately, it’s attainment is transcendent.

The soul nourishment that comes with what you learn about yourself (and your support system, your resources, your resilience) along the road to fulfillment of your heart’s desire is priceless.

Flying through the air … exploring underwater … climbing to the top … you fill in the blank. The perspective you carry forward by harnessing your grit simply cannot be realized in any. other. way.

things to learn before you die
A licensed skydiver exits Skydive Carolina’s, King Air aircraft.

Learn How to Tell the Tale

Once you’ve accomplished what you set out to do, help those with one foot stuck in “what if” by sharing the highs, lows, and lessons learned from your experience.

Words are powerful and provide just the fuel needed to propel someone into action. Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, the opportunities to spread the seeds of your fruitful endeavor are near effortless. Throw a stone, create a ripple. Inspire.

Say the thing others said to you, or what you bravely told yourself: You’ve got this.

When you’re ready to cross tandem skydiving or learning how to skydive off your list, come and see us. Life’s too short and these Carolina skies are way too blue for you to put it off much longer. Get after it.


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