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Experienced And Licensed Skydivers Welcome!

Welcome to Skydive Carolina! Opened in 1986, Skydive Carolina has been skydiving NC and SC for nearly 30 years! We have grown steadily with the goal of offering the best aircraft, amenities and customer service in the industry.

We welcome experienced and licensed skydivers and would love to host you for your jumping needs whether you’re working on your license or have thousands of skydives! Ultimately, our aim is to please!


Safety is our priority. To aid jumpers under canopy, please note the following regulations:

Hook Turns / Swooping is not permitted in the main landing area.

No more than 90 degree turns onto final are permitted in the main landing area. A designated swoop area has been created for canopy pilots and is a no-fly zone for those not swooping.


The main landing area requires jumpers to follow a left hand landing pattern and jumpers are asked to follow the tetrahedron in the main area. If jumpers are not comfortable with the pattern of the main landing area, the option of landing in a different open area is optional.

Our Aircraft

Skydive Carolina offers three aircraft: A Cessna 182, Beechcraft King Air and a Twin Otter. All disciplines are welcome but special permission must be granted for Canopy Relative Work (CRW) due to constraints of operating in Class B airspace.

Experienced Pricing

DayCostGear Rental
Sunday - Lift Ticket $27.00$30.00
Jump operations are closed - our administrative offices are open.
Jump operations are closed - our administrative offices are open.
Wednesday - Lift Ticket $24.00$30.00
Thursday - Lift Ticket $24.00$30.00
Friday - Lift Ticket $27.00$30.00
Saturday - Lift Ticket $27.00$30.00

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Fantastic atmosphere!! Great aircraft, spacious hangar with spaces for packing, rigging loft, student classroom, video-rooms as well as team rooms available for debriefings! Whether you're coming for your first tandem or preparing for Nationals you will be received with warm welcome and provided with all that is necessary to accomplish your goals!!

Sergey M.

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