5 Reasons Skydiving is a Sport

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Why Skydiving is Considered a Sport

Is skydiving a sport? Absolutely! Skydiving as a sport has experienced exponential growth and advancements since its inception. When did skydiving become a sport? Parachuting for sport has a bit of a debatable start, but we definitely know that civilians started skydiving around the 1920s.


We would gladly answer the question, “Why is skydiving considered a sport?” with a simple, “Because it’s awesome!” But we think you deserve a bit more in-depth explanation. Here are our top five reasons skydiving is most definitely a sport!

skydiving a sport

1. Skydiving Disciplines

There are multiple skydiving disciplines. It’s common to fall under the wing of a mentor (or a few), invest in training camps and courses, and spend intentional time honing particular skills – just like with other sports!


Skydiving disciplines are vast, which means there’s something for everyone! Whether you find yourself starry-eyed for canopy piloting, angle-flying, free-flying, or wingsuiting, skydiving has something for you.


It’s important to note that, within the skydiving community, various roles exist. There are parachute packers, pilots, instructors, manifest workers, ground crew, and more. Similar to other team sports, many people across the skydiving industry work in collaboration to make blue-skied magic happen!

skydiving discipline

2. Skydiving Competitions

People rarely spend their entire jumping journey simply flying up and skydiving down with minimal advancement. You learn something new with every jump! And if you take a shine toward a specific discipline, chances are the opportunity to compete will come into view.


Skydiving competitions thrillingly showcase skills while fostering a culture of confidence-building and teamwork. Competitions range from local to international and have a plethora of categories, like the disciplines mentioned above.

skydiving competition

3. Skydiving Certifications & Training

How exactly does solo skydiving work? We won’t get super in-depth here, but essentially, four solo skydiving licenses are issued by the United States Parachute Association (USPA). Skydivers earn these successively, and they each directly correlate to levels of ability and awareness.

Is skydiving an expensive sport? Well, sorta kinda. Skydiving is a sport that is expensive to get into because of the training required, but once you’re in it, the payoff is massive. So, learning how to skydive costs more than $3,300. But once you’re licensed, you only have to pay for gear rental (about $85 per day) and lift tickets to altitude (about $31 per jump). And if you decide to buy your gear down the road, you only pay for lift tickets!

4. Challenge & Self-Growth

Skydiving is so much more than just falling straight down, deploying a parachute, and swooping in for landing. How do you think skydivers build record-breaking formations? What about mastering consistent stand-up landings or learning to free-fly? Practice, practice, practice!

Learning new skills takes two things: time and patience. During those seasons of raw and discouraging challenges, where we just can’t seem to get it, perseverance is critical. Sports, like skydiving, challenge us to our core and test our limits. When we prevail past these previously set limits and crush new goals, empowerment is overwhelming and catalytic to self-improvement in the skydiving (and personal) realm.


big way skydiving formation

5. Community

Part of a sports culture is the family-like aspect of a team, and skydiving is no exception.


The skydiving community is arguably the best sport-family you’ll ever find – we’re a tight-knit group that spans the globe! Despite being unique individuals from all walks of life, there is a glue that holds us together: our love and respect for the sky.


Inclusivity. Welcoming everyone from everywhere with wide, open arms is what the skydiving community is all about. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a first-time jumper, or somewhere in the middle, our community will embrace you.


Camaraderie. Once you fall in love with the sky, skydivers are the only other ones who will truly understand your newfound passion. Sure, friends and family will gladly listen to your sky-bound adventures, but will they really get it? This is where the skydiving community comes in. True friendship comes from appreciation and understanding of one another, and that’s what we’re all about.

Celebration. Did you just hit your 100th jump? Get ready to have pie smashed in your face and be congratulated by EVERYONE! Maybe you finally nailed a skill you’ve been intentionally training, your fellow skydivers will be there to cheer you on. Likewise, before conquering that skill, they’ll be there for you in the valleys of doubt, encouraging you to persist!

skydiving community

Is Skydiving An Extreme Sport?

Skydiving is considered an extreme sport, and here’s why: Extreme sports are those that have a perceived high amount of risk. Skydivers are able to consistently do what they do, because they prioritize safety above all else. Having safety at the forefront isn’t negotiable – it’s an unwavering commitment. And, like other extreme sports, proving to ourselves that we can bust past our preconceived limits is empowering to the fullest – this keeps us grounded, alive, and gives us all the happy feelings of achievement!


Skydiving sports (hehe) limitless blue skies and boundless opportunities, and we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself. Come jump with us!

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