5 Reasons to Skydive This Year

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Top 5 Reasons to Skydive This Year


It’s not every day someone thinks jumping out of an airplane would be a good idea or more or less fun. Most people would cringe their noses and say, “Why would you want to jump from a perfectly good airplane?” We know that there are many of you whose heads are in the clouds, and we are talking to you. And trust us, there are many skydivers who can come up with a myriad of answers of why you should skydive, and we’ll list the top 5 reasons to skydive here!

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Why You Should Skydive: Top Reasons Why!



“Being brave isn’t the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it.” – Bear Grylls Success.com


There’s a plethora of quotes, memes and even acronyms about facing fears because it’s easy to trend towards safety. However, those who stopped asking themselves should I go skydive, and faced their fears to do it, have experienced the many benefits, which brings us to our next point.

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Humans are creatures of habit and science agrees. We seek security from a routine which helps alleviate stress and risk. And we’ll let the science speak:


The idea of comfort zones goes back to a classic experiment in psychology. Back in 1908, psychologists, Robert M. Yerkes, and John D. Dodson explained that a state of relative comfort created a steady level of performance. In order to maximize performance, however, we need a state of relative anxiety – a space where our stress levels are slightly higher than normal. This space is called, “Optimal Anxiety,” and it’s just outside our comfort zone. Too much anxiety and we’re too stressed to be productive and our performance drops off sharply. – Life Hacker


So the benefits we mentioned from facing fears go right along with breaking away from a routine. Those benefits are increased productivity, the ability to harness creativity, and the ability to handle unexpected changes with greater ease and awareness.


Skydiving is liberating and will give you a whole new perspective on life. A big paradigm shift could be coming your way, and who wants to put off a life-changing moment like that? If that alone isn’t a reason why you should skydive, we’ll give you more reasons to skydive!




Skydiving isn’t normal. Everything in your body and mind kicks into gear in our ancient instincts of survival. However, why you should skydive isn’t only to help you face your fears, and move outside your comfort zone. When you skydive, there’s an added bonus to conquering the challenge of leaping from a plane – confidence for days!


You should go skydive to help you get your pep back in your step, to help you move past things that may be holding you back, and/or to help you rediscover that YOU are awesome!

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When you start to tell your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers that you jumped from a plane, you’ll be met with 2 different kinds of people:


  1. People who would never jump from a plane, but secretly admire your courage
  2. Those who have also jumped and share in the glory


People know there’s just something incredible about a person who can do such an incredible feat, and you’ll be the star of social gatherings, telling your story and perhaps sharing to them, why they should skydive!


Oh! And let’s not forget, if you go skydiving, be sure to get the video and pictures because A) it’s proof you did it, B) you can relive the memories over and over, and C) have the coolest profile pics on social media!

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We could list hundreds of more reasons for why you should skydive, but it simply comes down to this – it’s just plain fun! It’ll be a new experience that will stay with you forever, and there’s no greater time than the present.


Do you need more reasons to skydive? Check out the “Should I Go Skydiving Quiz” here!


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