8 Reasons You Should Try Skydiving

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Go Skydiving

We’re convinced that the benefits of skydiving are infinite, which makes it easy for a multitude of various people to enjoy. Skydiving avails homebodies and extreme extroverts alike. We’re going to try our best to get to the heart and soul of why skydiving is worth the money with only 8 fundamental reasons to skydive. Let’s jump into it!

reasons to skydive this summer

1. It's Good, Old Fashioned Fun

Despite what the haters and naysayers think, skydiving, above all else, is loads of fun. Skydivers often joke that our order of priorities is: look good, have fun, and safety third. OBVIOUSLY, safety is first and foremost, but having fun still holds a lot of the weight in determining whether a skydive was successful or not.

Have you ever seen a photo of someone in freefall who doesn’t have a smile on their face? Of course, you haven’t – it’s literally impossible to not be cheesing ear-to-ear when you’re experiencing the beauty of human flight. Trust us when we tell you that skydiving is one of the most fun activities you can do.

2. Kick Your Fears Out the Door of the Plane

Skydiving is unique in many ways, and being so unnatural is one of the most prominent. Think about it, our sweet Mother Earth and her atmosphere keep us planted with gravity – which we’re so thankful for because skydiving would cease to exist! Flying in an airplane is one thing, but realizing you’re in a fully-functioning airplane with the door wide open and your instructor yelling in your ear, “Are you ready to skydive?” Is an entirely different thing.

Any sane person is going to experience a fear shoot throughout their body as they’ve never known before – because there’s nothing else like it! Feeling spooked to your absolute core and still making the conscious decision to say, “HECK YES!” before doing a full-send from the door is truly showing your fear of who runs the show.

how long does freefall last in skydiving

3. Exponentially Grow in Confidence

Doing something scary, learning new skills, and meeting new people, the “new” never stops with skydiving. After you take the first leap, we’ll almost guarantee that the second you land you’ll be ready to do it again. When you pursue skydiving as a solo sport you’ll be required to go through a student progression, pass examinations, and prove to your instructors that you’re a competent and safety-oriented skydiver.

Passing a level as a student and learning something invaluable on every single jump is such a good feeling. This feeling is one that is repeated over and over again because learning never stops. Whether it’s our 5th or 500th jump, we will always walk away with some newfound knowledge that will make us better the next time we go up.

4. Letting Go!

That’s right, skydiving humbles even the biggest wisenheimers. When you skydive you put your faith in many things that are plainly out of your control: the airplane and pilot, the packer who packed your parachute, your instructor who knows how to check and operate the gear, and the gear itself. It’s a lot, we know! Letting the control float away is a beautiful thing and something that many don’t think they’re capable of. Once you say “yes” to letting someone else take the reins, you’ll find freedom as you’ve never known.

Wait, wait, wait, how safe is skydiving? Skydiving, like any extreme sport, has its inherent risks. We pride ourselves on the fact that these risks are extremely calculated, easily mitigated, and virtually eliminated through proper training and currency. Our instructors are adept in and passionate about the sport. We are a United States Parachute Association member dropzone and closely abide by their regulations and recommendations. Check out our skydiving safety record.

skydiving dreams

5. We Have the Best Community

Skydivers are hands down the most accepting, helpful, and cool bunch of pals. We come from all walks of life and welcome anyone into our family. Did you forget your SD card on the plane and are about to miss out on recording the coolest jump of all time? Someone will give you a spare, or even theirs. Did you get a flat tire on the way to the dropzone? We’ll be there in a jiffy. Traveling in for a weekend of jumping? You’ll always have a couch to crash on at or near the dropzone. Our community is ever-growing and full of strangers that quickly turn into family, it is so dang COOL.

skydiving community

6. It Gives You Something to Talk About

Although bragging rights shouldn’t be a primary reason you decide to skydive, it’s totally understandable as a consideration. Telling someone you went skydiving and having them be in amazement at how heroic you are (hehe) is a pretty neat feeling.

7. Gain a New Perspective

When we’re physically above our problems that exist on the ground it becomes extremely apparent just how earth-bound they really are. Something clicks in our brains when we do something new for the first time and succeed at it. We’re teaching ourselves that it’s possible to do new things and have victory over them all the time, and that’s a pretty nifty realization!

Skydiving Weight Limits

8. It's a Once-In-a-Lifetime Experience

We could spend all day convincing you that skydiving is the best thing since sliced bread, but in all honesty, we can’t put the sublimity of it onto paper, it’s something you just have to experience for yourself. Skydiving has so many unique components that all work together to create something so special, it’s truly unlike anything else out there!

Ready to Go Skydiving?

Skydiving for the first time will either be a crazy one-off that you get to talk about with your grandkids or it’ll transcend you to a place you’ve never been and somewhere you want to be again! Either way, everyone should try skydiving at least once. Book today! Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns, we can’t wait to talk with you.

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