Is Skydiving Worth the Money?

Friday, March 11, 2022

Is the Cost of Skydiving Worth It?

These days just about everything comes with a price tag, and most will agree that money spent on experiences is money well spent. But, which experiences should you fork out for? With an array of activities to spend your hard-earned cash on, you might be wondering, is skydiving worth it?


The skydiving experience is an investment, and the average cost of skydiving can raise some eyebrows – the industry standard being around $250 per tandem skydive. We will make no pretenses about it: skydiving is not an inexpensive activity. However, when you’re looking for a premier experience, especially in the adventure sports category, searching for the cheapest option isn’t necessarily the wisest choice.


If you’re looking to broaden your horizons and reach new heights with a skydiving facility that prioritizes safety, skydiving is well worth the money. And, even more than that, skydiving is worth approaching with an open mind. Here’s what you can plan to gain from the experience and why skydiving is worth the money.

is skydiving worth the money tandem skydiving

Why Is Skydiving Worth It?

1. An Experience You Will Never Forget


The skydiving experience begins the second you set foot on dropzone property. There’s the steady hum of the turbo prop aircraft and exuberant “whoops” filling the air overhead — not to mention the spectacle of brightly colored canopies dotting the sky and precisely-steered parachutes zipping by swooping across the large grassy expanse of the landing area.


Notice, none of that even includes your actual skydiving experience. The memories you form during your first tandem skydiving adventure will last a lifetime. From the nervous anticipation of the plane ride to altitude … and the millisecond the stark reality that you’re jumping from an aircraft sets in (usually when the aircraft door slides open) … to those first few moments of fear on exit … and the wondrous rush of freefall … and then the peace of the parachute ride. Each piece of the skydiving experience will find a home in the recesses of your memory forever.


If an investment in a lifelong memory isn’t “worth it”, we don’t know what is.


2. The Cost Of Mitigating Risks


One of the practical reasons that skydiving is worth the money comes down to the cost of mitigating risk. In essence, the gear used in skydiving is considered “life-saving equipment.” Thus, skydiving is an activity where you want top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art apparatuses.


Running a great skydiving facility requires quality equipment, qualified and professional personnel, and routine maintenance for both the equipment directly used for skydiving and the aircraft. These critical elements bear a considerable cost. Ultimately, at a skydiving facility, the cost of your skydive is akin to an investment in your experience. A price that appears “too good to be true” or far less than the average cost of skydiving is a major red flag.


Specifically, at Skydive Carolina, we have made a substantial financial investment into our equipment, staff, and aircraft, and though we may not be the cheapest skydiving facility in the nation, we are certainly one of the best.


Skydive Carolina's main hangar

3. Shared Adventures Are Worth Their Weight In Gold


The opportunity to share an adventure like skydiving with friends and family is priceless. Although skydiving is not just a “thrill ride” and does require active participation from the tandem student, it is an activity that is open to just about anyone. Because of this, we’ve been able to host multi-generational skydives with grandparents, parents, and (grand)children all on the same plane, sharing the skydiving experience in real time together! It’s truly an incredible thing to witness, and for those individuals who are able to share skydiving experiences with their loved ones, skydiving is an adventure that is worth its weight in gold.

Is skydiving worth the money?

In our opinion, the experience of skydiving is worth every penny. But you don’t need to take our word for it, read our reviews and the experiences of our customers! Then, seize the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and freely soar amongst the clouds! We can’t wait to help you take flight!

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