New Year, New You, How Skydiving Can Help You Face Your Fears

Monday, January 31, 2022

It’s Time to Face Your Fears


The New Year is rife with possibility! For countless individuals, the New Year is seized as the perfect opportunity to reinvent oneself. This is not to imply that there is anything wrong with the “old you,” but rather to consider the notion that without change, there can be no growth.


If you felt the strain of the past year, trust us, you are not alone. Thankfully, there is no time like the present to get out of your comfort zone. After all, what better way to shake up the status quo than by doing something you’ve always wanted to do but have, perhaps, been too afraid to try? Something, say, like skydiving!

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Why Start Off the New Year By Trying Something New?

You can’t draw water from an empty well. Likewise, if you’ve got no energy to draw from, there’s no energy for you to expend self-actualizing. It’s impossible to pursue new horizons without a little passion in the tank.


Though sometimes nerve-wracking, trying something new is invigorating. Typically, the excitement that accompanies trying something different is just what you need to fill your cup. You can carry that positive energy into the year ahead and use it to tackle whatever life throws at you.

Why Skydiving?

Just imagining jumping from a plane mid-flight is enough to send shivers down some of the bravest of spines. There is no denying that there is risk involved – albeit, mitigated risk – and there’s also no denying that there is a huge reward to be reaped.


Avoiding the unknown may temporarily spare us from feelings of anxiety – and squash the subsequent discomfort that may accompany it. But at what cost? In the long term, consistent avoidance will chip away at our confidence and our feelings of self-worth.


Here’s an idea. Try confronting rather than running from fear; the end result is an unmatched feeling of accomplishment and empowerment.


Skydiving can be scary. But once you experience the euphoria of freefall and the peace of gently gliding beneath a parachute, you’ll see how wonderful things can be just on the other side of fear. After your jump, you’ll inevitably start to wonder what else you would be capable of if you didn’t let fear deter you.


The confidence you feel after your skydive is easily redirected into other areas of your life. That one success triggers a ripple effect. Slowly, but surely, you may come to appreciate that the unknown may hold wondrous treasures. And you also realize that fear can hold you hostage. It’s time to seize all that this brilliant, beautiful existence has to offer, in this new year and every year after.

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Face Your Fears and Go Skydiving

Who knows? Maybe after bravely facing the unknown by going tandem skydiving, you may be inspired to branch out in all the ways you’ve dreamed!


Why not take a leap of faith and pursue that job you’ve been pining after? Or see what new opportunities that big cross-country move could hold? You might be surprised how much more palatable those risks seem when you realize they could be the source of much happiness.


Kick self-doubt and limiting beliefs to the curb! It’s a new year; a new you! Ready, set, skydive!

Go Tandem Skydiving

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