Why People Say Skydiving Is Like A Spiritual Experience

Friday, September 1, 2017

An Indescribable Experience

Through the years, we have had the privilege of hosting guests of every race, color, and creed and we’ve learned a few things about our differences. While we may look physically different, come from different places, or believe in different deities, we’re all the same.

On the note of religion (isn’t this one of those blog topics you should never talk about as a business?), we have noticed that many people, regardless of their beliefs, have described skydiving as a spiritual experience. For those that haven’t experienced skydiving, this seems strange as the images of people radically jumping from planes at 120 mph looks anything but sacred.

How skydiving looks is much different than how it feels. It really can seem like a spiritual experience and here’s why:

You Become Unburdened

Believe it or not, skydiving allows (forces) you to forget your worries. You know that crazy moment when the skydive begins… just seconds out of the door? That’s where it starts. The worries you came burdened with; they no longer matter. Marital troubles, financial stressors, health problems, insecurities at work – all of it is a million miles from your mind when you leave that plane. For the first time in ages, you are separated from your burdens and you are forced to live in the moment. You’re no longer an observer of life… YOU’RE EXPERIENCING LIFE and it’s a wonderful feeling.

You Feel Incredibly Happy

Believe it or not, free falling at 120mph is a joyous experience. You have no concept of speed nor do you feel like you’re plummeting to the earth. There’s no ground rush. The feeling is BLISSFUL. Can you remember the last time you smiled literally from ear-to-ear to the point that your face hurt? Probably not since you were a child on Christmas morning tearing open the gift you’d been obsessing over all year long. This is free fall and all you can do is appreciate this minute in a state of pure joy. It’s awesome!!!

man smiles ear-to-ear in skydiving freefall

You Gain Clarity

This is the part where the experience speaks to your soul. While the free fall brings about happiness, it’s also loud. When the parachute opens, the contrast in volume is stark. It’s sooooo quiet. It’s just you and the light flapping of the canopy above and the incredible landscape below. It’s beautiful. You’ll look at your world, above the noise and fractured way of life in a different way and it gives perspective. All that stuff down there doesn’t really matter… not in the scheme of life. It’s stuff, it’s drama, and it’s man made. Seeing this gives clarity as we realize we’ve allowed all that noise to occupy too much of our lives.

You Feel Renewed

As you land, you are awake from the slumber that is day-to-day life. You are acutely aware that the thing you’ve been missing in your life is in fact living; living each day to its full potential. Skydiving has taken you by the shoulders and shaken you… hard. Life is to be lived and you just started living it again.

The sensations you just experienced – happiness, peace, and clarity… we all want more of that in our lives. While some people associate these positive emotions with going to church, we also experience them in the sky. It’s little wonder that skydiving is compared to a spiritual experience and for many it absolutely is.

You’ll Be Set Free

With the spiritual experience of skydiving now behind you, you are forced to answer questions. What do you wish to conquer in this life? Now that you’ve skydived, what other things would you like to do that you’re fearful of? This can take many shapes whether it be an adventure sport or something bigger like leaving your job for another one, starting up your own business or even pursuing someone that you might think is out of your league.

woman experiences utter freedom tandem skydiving

If there’s anything skydiving does, it opens up your world and makes you consider the possibilities.

Skydiving is so much more than an adventure. For many, it’s a life changing experience!

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