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We had an absolute blast. The facilities, the equipment, and the staff were all top notch and beyond my expectations. I definitely plan to jump again at Skydive Carolina.

Cory T.

Staff Spotlight

Daniel Schiermeyer

Videographer, Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor

Total Jumps: 2,200+

Ratings: AFF-I, Tandem-I, COACH

USPA: D-31153

I grew up in Vermont and was always outside doing something adventurous. Growing up my dad was a pilot so I got the opportunity to fly a lot. When I was 18 I knew that I wanted to try skydiving, and get to the point that I could jump out of a plane by myself. By the time I got that far I was hooked.  Its a great way to free your mind from everything else going on in your day to day life. Traveling is another great part, getting to jump in different states & countries, getting to see some amazing views. The community is also another reason that keeps me coming around. I have friends that jump all over the world! I ended up moving to Charlotte for a new job, and knew of Skydive Carolina from Carolinafest, and was excited to be able to call it my home dropzone.

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