Live In North Carolina? Where You Should Go Skydiving

Friday, February 9, 2024

Best Place To Skydive If You Live In NC

Do you live in NC and are debating where to go for your next adrenaline-filled adventure? Boy, we’ve got the perfect invitation for you – come skydiving with us! This one goes out to all thrill-seekers in the Tar Heel state! If you’re googling around for “skydiving Raleigh, NC” … “skydiving Charlotte, NC” … or “skydiving Wilmington, NC” … just search for Skydive Carolina! We’re located on the NC/SC state line in Chester, South Carolina – and we’re worth crossing the border for.


Need convincing on why you’d choose Skydive Carolina over skydiving in North Carolina? Coming right up!

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Why You Should Skydive at Skydive Carolina Across the Border

Here at Skydive Carolina, we hold to our mission by placing the utmost value on safety, quality, service, and innovation. Meaning, we don’t just aim for the skies, but we aim for excellence, every single day.


Safety is ingrained in every aspect of our operations. It’s our paramount concern. We prove this by the meticulous upkeep of gear, aircraft, and facilities; only hiring highly certified, professional, and passionate instructors; and championing a culture of safety.


Some people grace the skies just once in their lives; others go on to learn to skydive solo. Regardless of how many times you jump with us, we are committed to providing experiences of the highest quality every time. Whether you’re jumping for fun or to commemorate a milestone achievement in your life, we understand the importance of a skydive and are honored to share the day with you!


We’ve been in operation for nearly 40 years. Our entire team – from our ground crew and manifest wizards to our pilots, packers, and instructors – is committed to the highest standards of customer service. Your skydive will be unforgettable for all of the right reasons.


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is good advice in some scenarios, but we believe that it has no place in skydiving. We proudly use best-in-class equipment and technology available to the world of parachuting.

Our commitment to being an exemplary dropzone is not just a lofty goal, it’s a target we hit with every jump we perform and in every interaction with our customers. At Skydive Carolina, we are proud to offer some of the best skydiving in NC, SC, and the world!

Skydive Carolina is the Top Rated Skydiving Center (Dropzone) in the Carolinas

Skydive Carolina is a longstanding United States Parachute Association (USPA) Group Member Dropzone. This means that we proudly adhere to the rules, regulations, and recommendations set forth by the USPA. Being a USPA Group Member is a critical component of credibility in fostering a culture that demands safety first.

Skydive Carolina's main hangar

Long History of Skydiving Since 1986

For the youngin’s out there – we started skydiving here almost 40 years ago! And guess what? Many of the passionate professionals who have made our dropzone among the best of the very best are still in the mix.

Check out a few fun DZ facts:

Our dropzone sits on an old military base and provides us with one of the biggest landing areas in the country – we’re constantly counting our lucky stars!

During our first year in operation, we had a grand total of 1,217 jumps and now we see more than 30,000 annually!

From 2009 through 2019, we hosted one of the most anticipated boogies of the year: CarolinaFest. In 2016, we saw 6,279 skydives in four and a half days. And – big news – in 2024 CarolinaFest is coming back! It’s going to be epic …

We boast a rich history and take pride in the journey that has brought us to where we are today – we can’t wait for you to be a part of it!

Stay Up To Date with Plane and Gear Safety Standards

Not only are we located at our OG airport, but we have the Cessna-182 (the original civilian jump plane) from our inauguration still to this day! How? Pristine aircraft upkeep, baby.

As we mentioned above, adhering to USPA standards isn’t even a question. Our tandem and solo instructors are required to be certified through the USPA, as every piece of equipment we use exceeds USPA standards.

One of the questions we’re most frequently asked is about the weight limit for skydiving in NC and SC. There isn’t an industry standard; it’s decided per dropzone. Here at Skydive Carolina, we have a firm weight limit of 225 lbs. How come? Safety! The skydiving community is inclusive to the max and we never want to leave anyone out, but we have to put you and our instructors’ safety first and foremost.

Cost to Skydive at Skydive Carolina

Are you sweating with anticipation, debit card in hand, screaming, “OKAY, but how much does it cost to skydive in NC and SC!?” The cost of tandem skydiving is pretty standard across the board, including skydiving NC and SC prices. Our tandem skydive prices vary between $209 to $259, depending on the day of the week you plan to skydive. If you’re booking with a group, discounts apply. A group of 6 to 10 jumpers will get $10 off per person; groups of 11+ jumpers get $20 off per person.

If you’re now hesitating … thinking, “Is it worth it?” Our answer is (politely), “Is that even a question?!” YES! Skydiving will supercharge you with a sense of empowerment and confidence, shift your perspective, and straight-up change your life!

Skydive Carolina is a world-renowned skydiving destination, we’re excited for what’s to come … and we hope to see you soon. Book today!

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