Skydiving Spartanburg

Spartanburg's Closest DZ

Skydive Carolina Welcomes Spartanburg Skydiving Guests

54 Miles East of Spartanburg

Home to the University of South Carolina Upstate, Wofford College, and many other academic institutions, it’s no surprise that we welcome lots of students from Spartanburg to our dropzone in search of the ultimate study break! Whether you’re a student or adventure seeker of any age, the ultimate thrill awaits you at Skydive Carolina. Come see why we are the best choice for skydiving near Spartanburg, SC.


Skydive Carolina has provided exceptional skydiving experiences for first timers and experienced jumpers in the Carolinas for over 30 years. We have the aircraft capacity to accommodate most groups, yet we are small enough to maintain a family atmosphere. For the experience of a lifetime, give us a call or view our tandem skydiving page to learn more.


1903 King Air Dr, Chester, SC 29706


For turn-by-turn driving directions to Skydive Carolina from Charleston, South Carolina please click on the map or refer to the driving directions below:

  1. Start out going south on S Daniel Morgan Ave/SC-296 toward W Broad St.
  2. Turn left onto W Henry St.
  3. Turn slight right onto Union St/SC-56.
  4. Turn left onto Country Club Rd.
  5. Turn slight right onto S Pine St/US-176 E/SC-9. Continue to follow US-176 E.
  6. Turn left onto Forest St.
  7. Turn right onto S Main St/SC-9/SC-18. Continue to follow SC-9/SC-18.
  8. Turn slight left onto Jonesville Lockhart Hwy/SC-9. Continue to follow SC-9.
  9. Turn slight left onto Armenia Rd.
  10. Turn slight right onto Old York Rd/SC-909.
  11. Turn left onto Aaron Burr Rd/SC-909.
  12. Turn left onto Darby Rd/SC-190.
  13. Take the 1st left onto King Air Dr.
  14. Skydive Carolina, 1903 King Air Dr, Chester, SC, 1903 KING AIR DR is on the right.

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