Skydiving Dreams And Their Meanings

Friday, August 18, 2023

Did you have a skydiving dream that was so extraordinary it was … beyond your wildest dreams? We too have skydiving dreams, and we’ve noticed most skydiving dreams end before anything too crazy happens, leading us to the obvious conclusion: having a skydiving dream means you should go skydiving – so you can finish the dream! We aren’t oneirologists, psychologists, or God, so we aren’t here to decipher the nitty gritty of your skydiving dreams, BUT we will gladly take a guess at what they could mean.

skydiving dreams

1. You Have A Fear Of The Unknown … And It’s Time To Face It

Skydiving is packed with unknowns, and that’s part of the beauty of it. Although the more you jump, the more “in the know” you become, there are still aspects of the sport that are out of our control. Perhaps you have some heart-racing skydiving dreams because you are a generally anxious person or have apprehension about the uncontrollable parts of the future. Let’s take a look into how embracing the unknowns of skydiving can actually help mitigate anxiety.


We promise we have positive intentions with what we’re about to say – but we’re all about honesty here! When we skydive, there are parts that are 100% out of our control. Now, what you’re picturing when we say that may only be the stuff of dreams. It’s important to be informed about what’s realistic!


Will a wing magically fall off the airplane? Daily and annual aircraft inspections are mandatory so, yeah, this scenario is not realistic. … but we do know how to exit the aircraft safely in the event of an emergency.


Will my first parachute open properly? This one is more realistic. But hear this, we jump with two parachutes for this very reason. We can do our emergency procedures in our sleep (ha!) and know how to properly deploy our reserve parachute in case of an issue. Plus, we jump with an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) that will automatically deploy the reserve in the event we cannot do it ourselves.


Will someone bump into me in freefall by accident? Possibly, but with tandem skydiving it’s very unlikely. But if it did happen, we know how to control our bodies and restabilize.


Skydivers are trained to take control of the unknown every time we jump, and we do this by expecting everything that could go wrong to actually go wrong. Although surrendering to the unknown may seem counterintuitive, the result is a great sense of control. Unlike the dream world, we can choose to remain calm and recall our training.

2. You Crave Sweet, Sweet Freedom

Along with an incredible sense of adventure, skydiving brings physical and emotional freedom. Not only is your little body trucking through the great, big sky, but you’re willingly doing it! We’ll take a gamble and say it’s possible you feel a little bogged down and trapped in the day-to-day. If you have a sense of mundane stagnation and desire to try something new, having a skydiving dream may mean it’s time for a change from the regular routine, and skydiving may just be your perfect out.

3. You’re A Risk Taker

Is skydiving a risky sport? Inherently, yes … you’re jumping out of a dag-on airplane! However, skydivers do absolutely everything in their power to mitigate risk. Our sport is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration and the United States Parachute Association, we are required to file monthly and annual incident reports so we all learn from others’ mistakes, and we dedicate entire days sport-wide, to safety training to make skydiving safer.


Skydivers have the mentality to never stop learning; to not be complacent. It’s part of the world-wide skydiving community’s culture of safety. If you’re having skydiving dreams, it may be time to take the leap and accept the risk. If activities that get your heart thumping are your jam, the thrill of skydiving may be calling your name – even from your sleep!

skydiving dreams

4. You Need to Just Go With It

A skydiving dream may be your sign to just go with the flow. Maybe there’s something in your life that is holding you back, even if you’re too proud to admit it. We won’t speculate on your personal troubles (we’ve all been there!), but there’s a chance that dreaming of skydiving could mean you should just let go of whatever is hindering you from growing on your life journey. Skydiving is a pretty big leap of faith.


Not only are you trusting us, our gear, and our commitment to putting safety first (we’re honored!), but you’re trusting yourself. Jumping into the unknown and letting go of what is familiar is SCARY, but we know you can do it. If skydiving dreams mean anything, we think it’s to let go and just do the dang thing, whatever the “thing” is for you. And if you do take life by the horns and do it — get it on video! Seeing yourself soar through the Carolina blue sky will remind you that you (yes, YOU!) can accomplish the extraordinary.

We’re not here to interpret your dreams, but we are here to tell you that skydiving is an awesome, life-changing adventure. If skydiving dreams — or flying dreams — keep sneaking up on you, it may be a sign to let go of trying to control the unknown and make a full-fledged jump into conquering your wildest desires. So, what are you waiting for?? Book your skydive today!

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