Why Skydiving is Good For You

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Why Skydiving Is Good For You

An article about why skydiving is good for you by a company that offers skydiving… how very convenient! Any skeptical reader must be thinking that Skydive Carolina’s marketing team is running out of good ideas to write about. Not yet. There really is something to this and it shows up often in our blog. Skydiving has tremendous benefits. It certainly serves as therapy to many (we’ve written about that, here) and it really is good for your overall mental outlook.

So, How Is Skydiving Good For You, Exactly?

The goodness of skydiving is more mental than it is physical. If you were to read our reviews, you’ll see it mentioned over and over again. In a word, skydiving makes you feel incredibly happy; perhaps a depth of happiness you’ve never experienced before and that’s because of the chemical rush of dopamine, adrenaline, and serotonin… the natural chemicals that make you feel incredibly happy!

Some folks use experimental drugs to feel those surge of chemicals, so you could say you will experience a natural high or even a level of euphoria after your jump that feels amazing. Aside from the chemical rush, skydiving offers something more…perspective.

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Are You Living Your Best Life?

The experience of skydiving is going to jolt you awake and make you ask some soul-stirring questions… namely, are you living your best life? As husbands and wives, parents or career-driven people chasing the paycheck, it’s easy for us to fall into a routine that’s comfortable. Within that comfort, we are lulled into feelings of safety, and as they say, there is no growth in your comfort zone.

Skydiving will rattle you awake from the slumber that is your routine and forces you to ponder whether you’re living the kind of life you wish to be. Skydiving will remind you that there is a big world out there and will make you question if you’ve been setting big enough goals. If you’ve shelved your dreams of traveling or starting your book or pursuing your dream to start a business, then skydiving will bring all that back to the forefront. You’ll be reminded that life is for living and you need to get started towards your goals!

Skydiving As a Celebration For Weight Loss

Aside from making you feel super happy and putting things in perspective, we’ve learned through the years that skydiving has served as a celebration for many who are on a weight loss journey.

At Skydive Carolina, our weight restriction is set for 225lbs and this number has served as a targeted weight goal for individuals who wanted to celebrate their weight loss goals with a huge celebration. We’ve seen this time and again through the last 33 years and we love celebrating with our guests.

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Ready To Get Started?

If this article has inspired you to do something big, then we recommend you get started with a tandem skydive. It’s the perfect way to get into skydiving and start accomplishing some bucket list goals.

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