How to Live an Adventurous Life

Friday, January 24, 2020

Time for an Adventure!

Ahhhh, the New Year. New You. New possibilities.


Back in the day people annually made resolutions, but the trend now is to choose a single word to live by all year long. Either way, it’s all about setting intentions. To our delight, the notion of living an adventurous life is popular among the declarations we’re seeing hashtagged this year. That kind of self-talk will get you into all sorts of amazing, life-will-never-be-the-same-again situations, to which we say, “Bring it on!”


So you asked, how to live an adventurous life, and we have the answer for you.


how to live an adventurous life skydiving

Choose Your Own Adventure

Work, sleep, repeat. In a time when most Americans live to work instead of the opposite, we all know that we’d benefit by shaking things up now and then. But sometimes it takes you actually turning to your pal and saying out loud, “I need an adventure” for you to understand just how long you’re overdue.


Getting out of your own box doesn’t necessarily mean searching out extreme experiences. Expanding your personal horizons could mean biking to work one day a week, checking out that new restaurant across town, visiting an old friend, or taking a bucket-list trip. Whatever path you choose, make it attainable to keep yourself from sticking your head back into your work.


Everyone’s journey is gloriously different. You do you, y’all.


(Skydiving is our favorite thing in the universe to do.)


At Skydive Carolina, we dish up life-changing skydiving adventures year-round. Sometimes tandem students fall in love with the sport and become part of our dropzone family. Others pass on through having scratched their adventure itch, or on their way to the next chapter of fulfillment in their story.

how to live an adventurous life skydive
Photo by Cristóbal Correa


If you want a true how-to on living an adventurous life, well start skydiving and there you have it, instant adventure. Regardless of whether you jump the once, fly a handful of times, or make skydiving a legit hobby, you learn quickly that skydiving is intensely enriching. Not only do you garner a tremendous sense of agency and empowerment that transfers to other areas of your life, but you also gain community.


Since the dawn of time, we’ve valued being part of the tribe. And when you immerse yourself in an environment rich with the spirit of adventure, you find yourself surrounded by your people. Wonderfully like-minded individuals who are saying yes to life.


Once you recognize your need stretch your wings, do it!


Do it solo, invite a friend, join a group … whatever you need to live an adventurous life, seriously do it.


In the short-term, you’ll experience a rush of soul-nourishing hormones – like adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine – that have the power to change your perspective in an instant. And the mental health, emotional and spiritual benefits you’ll gain from breaking your own mold have the potential to be long-lasting.


Breathe again. See things from a new angle. Listen to that part of you that’s been dormant too long. If life is what you make it, make it good y’all.


Blue skies!

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