The Case for Skydiving On Valentine’s

Saturday, February 1, 2020

When you think of Valentine’s Day, you totally think of skydiving don’t you? Think about it, what says “I love you” more than sending your partner soaring from 14,000 feet?


Okay, we are not selling this very well are we? (we should probably fire the marketing guy). Anyway, before you click out of this far fetched pitch to promote our Valentine’s Day promotion ($20 OFF per person using the promo code valentines2020), we actually have a compelling argument as to why you may want to consider this most incredibly-original idea.

skydiving tips

Make Memories That Are Actually Memorable

If you’re a Valentine’s traditionalist, showing your love through skydiving may not be for you, but, if you’re someone who wants to create a memory that will never be forgotten in 30 years from now, then lean in… this is all about you!! Imagine it’s the year 2050 and you say to your partner (because you’ll still be with them of course), remember what we did for Valentine’s in 2020? Of course, there will be no hesitation in the answer. “Yes George, you took me on the most adventurous date ever and it made me realize that you were special and not like so many others.”


Bingo! That’s what we’re after isn’t it? Creating a unique memory on a special day is better than doing what society says you should be doing – chocolates and the mandatory dinner date. News flash, that’s what everyone does and while nice, it’s not exactly memorable and won’t stand the test of time (unless you propose, but let’s not get carried away here!)

Wait. There’s more.

Valentine’s Day 2020 is Actually Valentine’s Weekend

skydiving for valentines

This year Valentine’s Day has an extra squeeze of special added to it… it falls on a Friday which means Valentine’s Day turns into Valentine’s Weekend! You can jump on Friday afternoon OR while at your traditional dinner date on Friday night you can slide an envelope across the table with the surprise of all surprises within… a confirmation message that you’ll be going skydiving on Saturday morning at Skydive Carolina! Can you imagine? (Should we open a dating service as well? This is good stuff!).

Skydive and Cuddle

Valentine’s is usually celebrated in the optimal cuddling month of February, but you have noticed that this Carolina winter has been one of the warmest we’ve had in recent memory? You can jump in the middle of the day, leave the dropzone and have a marvelous dinner (we recommend La Belle Helene for an extra romantic touch) and be home in time for a cuddle sesh with your love. We can’t think of a better day!


So, if we’ve won you over with our improbable case for skydiving on Valentine’s Day, then be rewarded (especially if you read this far) with a discount of $20 OFF per person when using the promo code ‘valentines2020’ at checkout.


We’ll see you and your date in a couple of weeks!!!!

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