8 Reasons You Should Jump Out of a Plane at Least Once

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

8 Reasons You Should Try Skydiving at Least Once

Got skydiving on the brain? Are you toying with the idea of jumping out of a plane but still require a little convincing? You’ve come to the right spot. We’ve got not one, not two, but eight great reasons why you should jump out of a plane (at least once)!

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Reason Number One: Hello Anticipation!

First up in the queue of reasons to add jumping from a plane to your agenda: sweet, sweet anticipation, baby!

As adults, we don’t really get the chance to experience the fun of anticipation. Take a second to think about it. When was the last night you were actually excited to go do something, and we don’t mean a gentle flush of enthusiasm? We mean the no-holds-barred, can barely sleep the night before kind of excitement — you know, that straight-up juvenile, pure kind of excitement! Honestly, part of the thrill of your first skydive is that tummy full of beautiful fluttering butterflies of anticipation.

Reason Number Two: An Unforgettable Plane Ride

Even if you’re the type of traveler who has racked up enough frequent flyer miles to be able to quote the onboard safety orientation from memory, the flight before your first skydive is guaranteed to be one you will never, ever forget.

It’s all fun and games until you realize you’ve never been on an aircraft in flight with the door open before! The plane ride to altitude is rich with dizzying excitement — yours and that of your fellow skydivers — making for a one-of-a-kind plane ride that is very much a part of your first skydiving experience.

group skydiving jump out of a plane

Reason Number Three: Move Over Amusement Park

Amusement parks are well known for being well … amusing. Yet, the exit when you jump from a plane is going to put every amusement park ride you’ve ever been on to shame! The skydiving exit and subsequent 60 seconds of life-altering freefall may very well be the most fun you will have in your entire life. We realize that is a big claim to make, but we stand by it.

As an aside, skydiving freefall doesn’t give you the stomach drop feeling you get on a rollercoaster. Surprising? Yeah, it is to most people. Learn more with this article about how skydiving feels.

Reason Number Four: Crystal Clear Outlook

Freefall has an uncanny ability to open an individual’s eyes in a profound way. The experience of freefall is both literally and metaphorically transformative. In the literal sense, when you jump out of a plane, you’re granted access to an entirely new perspective. Few have seen clouds up close and personal over two miles in the air. Metaphorically, you can see how trivial the problems are that await you on the ground below.

By providing a new way in which to perceive the world, freefall brings what truly matters into focus.

alcohol before skydiving

Reason Number Five: Access Peace

As bonkers as it may sound, jumping out of a plane can be quite peaceful. Some unlock this sense of peace during freefall, but the majority of folks experience sublime serenity while suspended beneath the colorful canopy of the parachute.

Distant from the ambient noises of the earth below, the ride beneath the parachute is incredibly tranquil. You can always request a zippier ride, but many find that the quiet simplicity of a gentle ride provides the best opportunity to reflect on the incredible experience they’ve just had.

Reason Number Six: A New Lease On Life

Even though you may have studied up on skydiving safety statistics before deciding to jump out of a plane, the act of freefalling at 120 mph through the air might have you second-guessing yourself. And, wouldn’t you know? There’s nothing quite like the potential for death to remind oneself to live ever more fully!

It’s easy to take what we have for granted. All of the things we should be thankful for can get lost in the monotony of the day-to-day and are often drowned out by an ever-more loudly clambering consumerist call to accrue more.

Despite all that, you better believe there is nothing quite like planting your feet back on sweet terra firma to give you a real appreciation for the life you are living.

Reason Number Seven: Nothing Can Hold You Back

Fear is an evolutionary moderator. Way back when, it kept our ancestors from putting themselves in undue danger. Now, fear limits us in all sorts of unfortunate ways. Overcoming your fear in such a dramatic way as jumping from a plane serves to diminish the hold that fear has over your life and puts you, rather than your fear, back in the driver’s seat.

Reason Number Eight: The World Is Your Oyster

Trying new things can be an incredibly humbling experience. If you don’t already have a plethora of confidence, it can be tough to take on new challenges. It just so happens that jumping out of a plane is a supercharged confidence boost! If you need a reminder that the world is your oyster and you that should be ready and willing to explore it fully, a skydive will gladly serve as a healthy nudge in the direction of adventure!

Inspired?! Turn your confidence up to 11 and go get ’em tiger! Schedule your skydive with Skydive Carolina today!

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