Are You Scared of Heights, but Want to Skydive?

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Scared of Heights, but Want to Skydive

Does peering out of a window in a skyscraper, or looking over the edge of a bridge or elevator make your heart race? Are you a person who loves to adventure but aren’t sure about some activities like rock climbing or skydiving? We hear you, and it’s more common than you think. You’re scared of heights but you want to skydive. Let us guide you on this phenomenon and how WE can help you conquer this fear to make your first tandem skydive.


Fear of Heights is Normal

First – you are normal! That queasy feeling of standing inside a skyscraper on the 9th floor is your instinct to help keep you safe – in fact, it’s what keeps you alive! However, skydiving takes you passed the point of just a ledge, it takes you into the open space of 13,000 feet where you do not have the peripheral of the earth in sight so it doesn’t feel like you’re falling. AND – you’ll be wearing a parachute harnessed to a professional instructor.


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Your Perception Changes the Higher you Go


Next – being nearly a mile above the earth makes the world look much smaller an the height sensors do not trigger the same way as if peering over the Ravenel bridge. We’ve even had professional skydivers with thousands of jumps tell us that they are afraid of heights but what’s radically different is the perception of not feeling like you’re falling, and that they feel in control with having on a parachute.


fear of heights skydiving


Fear Is Turned into Bliss

Then – when the door of the jump plane opens at 13,000 feet, and you leap out, you have nearly sixty seconds of pure bliss. Many say that there is the initial fear at the door, but once you leap it immediately dissipates and you don’t feel like you are falling, but feel the wind in your face, and truly take in the view – a glimpse of time best described as ‘being in the moment.’


Once the parachute opens and you’re floating down, it’s a much different experience than if you peered over a ledge, a building, a roof, etc. You have more time to react, and more time to enjoy the descent.


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Afraid of Heights? Maybe You Should Book that Skydive


We’ve heard the other side of the story of many who were afraid of heights but made a skydive anyways. Many of them have gone on to say it’s cured them, while others feel more in control with knowing there’s equipment they feel secure in.

So can you go skydiving at Skydive Carolina if you’re afraid of heights? The simple answer is yes! The hardest part from here is clicking the BOOK NOW button and making the decision to do it. We bet you will experience a euphoria like you’ve never felt before!

Book Your Tandem Skydive

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