5 Reasons You Should Skydive For Your Birthday

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Why You Should Go Skydiving For Your Birthday…

Because it would be awesome! We think the best day to go skydiving is any that ends in the letters D-A-Y, but especially on your birthDAY. Some people like their birthday gifts tangible and nicely wrapped, but what about a life-changing experience on a birthday … skydiving is the way to go! Whether you’re chomping at the bit to do an infamous 18th birthday skydive or you’re crossing the threshold into a new decade, skydiving on your birthday is the most exciting, empowering, and exhilarating way to spend your big day.


We have around 365 reasons why skydiving on any day is a good idea, but if you’re reading this you likely need a little convincing of the awesomeness in store, so let’s jump into our top 5 reasons why to have a birthday tandem skydive:

skydiving dreams

1. Best Birthday Memory Ever!

You know that funny buzzy feeling you get in your tummy on your birthday? Yeah, multiply that by a thousand. Cake and cocktails are cool, but nothing compares to spending the day on an epic skydiving adventure fueled by adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine. Talk about the best day EVER. We can all agree that some birthdays are more memorable than others, and skydiving on your special day will definitely be added to the mix! When all those chemicals mentioned above are simultaneously released into our bodies, it creates a concoction that isn’t easily forgotten.

Pictures of you blowing out birthday cake candles with some oh-you-shouldn’t-have gifts off to the side? Nah, none of that here. Literally, FLYING through the skies at over 120 miles per hour and experiencing serenity as you’ve never known? Yes! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the photos and videos, too.

2. Get Your Best Buds on Board and Take Advantage of Group Rates

When you tell your pals your birthday skydiving plan, you’re bound to gain a minimum of one sky-high companion, and at the very least an entire posse who can’t wait to cheer you on from the ground. Oftentimes, people who are on the fence about making their first tandem need just a spritz of encouragement before they commit to finally doing the dang thing – your birthday may be their needed reason! It’s also super common for part of your cheering section to commit on your big day (once they see how awesome we are), but we recommend booking in advance to guarantee everyone’s slot is secure!

In the event that your best buds all decide to take the leap with you, you’ll benefit from our group rates! Saving some moolah and having an unforgettable birthday experience with your pals? Yes, please!

skydive carolina birthday skydive

3. It Gives Ya Something to Talk About

“Hey, what did you do for your birthday this year?” “I did a birthday tandem skydive!” Come on, it doesn’t get any better than that! Every day people and celebrities alike are always making headlines for skydiving on their birthdays. How come? It’s flippin’ cool! George H. W. Bush skydived on his 75th, 80th, 85th, and 90th birthdays. Will Smith jumped to celebrate his 50th and Sean Diddy Combs jumped (separately) to mark his 49th. Even Diddy – who has the resources to do anything in the world – called his skydiving experience his “BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.”

4. Put a Check in the Box

One of the best gifts someone could receive or you could give to yourself is the feeling of accomplishment. If skydiving is on your bucket list, what better time to check it off than on your b-day? Your bucket list is most likely full of easily attainable goals with a few far-fetched ones peppered throughout. Skydiving is accomplishable for most people, and putting that check in the box will feel ooooh so good. Whether it’s a one-time thing or opens the door for a newfound passion, get ‘er done!

Know someone who needs to put a big, fat check in their “go skydiving” box? A skydiving birthday gift is promised to be a hit.

5. Let's Face it, You're Not Getting Any Younger

Birthdays are beautiful things! You’ve made it another year and you’re adding value to this beautiful planet we get to call home by simply existing. There’s something all of us have in common: no one is making it out of this world alive. Morbid? Nah. Inspiring? We like to think so. With every year that passes, it’s common to say, “Wow that year really flew by!” When are we going to stop saying this regret-filled sentiment and start being proud of the year that we just had? Don’t let fear direct your fate.

The time to start living your life to the fullest is this year! Book your birthday skydive jump today and get ready for the best gift of your life. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!

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