6 Skydiving Gift Ideas

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Picking a present for the adrenaline junkie in your life can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There are so many things to choose from, and it’s impossible to understand the ins and outs of every extreme sport. That’s why we’re here to help you with some skydiving gift ideas that will have even the pickiest adventurer flying high.

There are plenty of gifts that you can add to the list whether you’re buying for an experienced skydiver with thousands of jumps or a newbie making their very first tandem skydive. From gifting them their first skydiving experience to helping them out with some relevant reading material for those non-jumping months, our skydiving gift ideas cover the full range of price and practicality.

One thing that all skydivers have in common is that we think about skydiving. All. Of. The. Time. So any skydiving related gift is going to be a strong contender for best gift of the year. Read on for some of the best skydiving gift ideas out there, and don’t forget to take notes!

Male and female tandem passenger exit the airplane at Skydive Carolina!

1. Experience-Based Gift Ideas

Probably the most obvious of all skydiving related gifts is giving the gift of an actual skydive. A skydiving gift certificate is the crème de la crème of skydiving gift ideas. How can you beat giving someone the experience of a lifetime?

The thrill of receiving a physical gift doesn’t compare to the lasting satisfaction that comes from an experience. And the impact of making a skydive is one that lasts forever. Going skydiving increases confidence, creates lasting bonds, and changes outlooks. Jumping out of an airplane does wonders for someone’s ability to handle stressful situations and it makes everything else in life seem a bit easier!

Plus, it’s the most fun you can have! No other experience can compare to the excitement of jumping out of an airplane.

Another skydiving experience themed gift that would work even if your gift recipient isn’t into the idea of jumping out of an airplane is an indoor skydiving gift certificate. They’ll be able to enjoy the sensation of human flight without having to worry about the stress of actually flying through the air.

We might be biased, but we think going full send and opting for the real thing is the way to go!

2. Experience Add-Ons

One of the fun things about skydiving is that every jump is unique. That’s why us skydivers continue to jump hundreds, sometimes thousands, of times! Each time you leave the airplane is an experience all its own, with different people, different views, and different goals.

You can customize the skydiving experience as much as you want. You can fly in different ways, capture video of the jump from various angles, plan different moves, jump with different people, the list goes on.

And you can bring this spirit of uniqueness to your skydiving gift. Make their skydiving experience gift even better by adding on a picture and video package. Skydiving for the first time is often overwhelming, and certain parts of the jump will be forgotten because of the sheer amount of sensation that’s experienced in freefall.

Having a video of the jump will ensure that every moment is permanently captured to relive over and over again. Help the memory last forever by documenting it in a personal video that can be shared with friends, family, and all over social media!

3. Equipment-Based Gift Ideas

Skydiving equipment can be difficult to buy for someone else, especially if you don’t have any skydiving experience yourself. But skydivers love their gear, and surprising a skydiver with a shiny new piece of equipment would certainly make their holiday.

It’s not impossible to buy equipment as a gift, it just takes a little more work! You can always ask the skydiver directly to uncover some clues about what might be good to buy, or you can reach out to their other skydiving friends for help. The internet is also chock-full of information that will help you make gift-buying decisions.

Some pieces of equipment that make great gifts include:

  • Skydiving helmet
  • Skydiving jumpsuit
  • Goggles
  • Altimeter
  • Gear bag

If you do opt for the equipment-based gift this holiday season, don’t be afraid to connect with our team with any questions!

4. Books

When skydivers aren’t in the sky, they’re thinking about being in the sky. So buying a skydiver a book, video, or music related to skydiving is the perfect gift for someone who wants to spend all of their waking moments jumping out of airplanes.

Or maybe the person you’re buying for is thinking about skydiving for the first time. Reference materials or stories about the sport are a great way to get them comfortable and excited to jump.

There are actually a few well-known skydiving books out there to choose from:

Some books are extremely motivational and would be a great gift choice whether the recipient is a skydiver or not! There are plenty of lessons to learn from skydiving that are applicable to all areas of life.

can you go skydiving in december

5. Movies and Documentaries

Skydiving documentary films or videos are also an option for people who are more into visual media than reading. Besides, skydiving is an extremely visual experience, so seeing other people skydiving is a great way to live vicariously and get hyped for your own jump.

There have been many documentaries made over the years that cover everything from the beginning of the sport to modern-day professional skydiving athletes. These can be super educational, informative, and motivating. Sometimes they dig into the technical aspects of the sport, and other times they follow the lives of the most inspirational skydivers that have ever lived.

And don’t forget about the Hollywood films that have sparked interest in the sport in generations of skydivers. Point Break, Dropzone, and Cutaway are just a few of the films that have become cult classics in the skydiving world.

Any one of these films would make a great gift for or movie night with someone thinking about skydiving, learning how to skydive, or the seasoned vet who’s been skydiving for years.

6. Apparel and Knick Knacks

A common skydiving joke is, “How do you know someone is a skydiver? They’ll tell you!” It’s true that skydivers love to talk about skydiving, and some of us might even like to brag a bit about our hobby. But can you blame us? Skydiving is amazing!

That’s why a skydiving-related shirt is the perfect gift for that skydiver that’s hard to buy for. You can find a wide range of skydiving shirts that will fit the vibe of whoever is receiving your gift: funny, motivational, minimalistic, or brand/dropzone related, choose one or all!

The same idea applies to other types of apparel as well. Hats, hoodies, sweatpants, and even socks are all available in skydiving-themed variations. And if you’re buying for someone really special, a shirt to go along with the skydiving gift certificate you bought them will really knock your gift out of the park.

Displaying a love for skydiving isn’t limited to wearing it on our bodies. Trinkets and decorations for around the house are another great way to celebrate a skydiver’s passion. You can never have too much skydiving in your life!

Want to learn more about why we love skydiving so much? Reach out, stop on by the dropzone, or book yourself a jump! No one said you can’t give yourself the best gift this holiday! Blue skies!

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