5 Ways Skydiving Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Thursday, July 25, 2019

How Skydiving Can Improve Your Quality of Life


Whether you’re rockin’ a school schedule with a glorious few months off or you’re in the working world makin’ that cheddar, these dog days of summer can feel very long. You may be thinking of ways to improve your quality of life as you hit these long days.


skydiving improve your quality of life

Importance of Having a High Quality of Life


Spending time doing what makes you happy and fulfilled isn’t just awesome, it’s important. Research suggests that leading a “good life” can: 


  • Bolster your ability to fend off or recover from illness – maybe even extend your life.
  • Deepen and fortify your relationships, familial, platonic and romantic.
  • Enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • Increase your drive and level your commitment to personal success (i.e. try harder).
  • Nurture curiosity, wonder, and creativity.


We’re lucky – we’ve got mountains a hop away, beaches only a skip down the road, and optimal skydiving just a jump to the border. And there’s nothing finer than a Carolina-blue sky to turn things around. 


We’ve got some ideas on how you can beat the heat, turn up the fun factor, and radically improve your quality of life – on the top of our list, of course: skydiving. 


improve your quality of life

Skydiving is Good for You


Skydiving often features in conversations about milestone birthdays and major accomplishments and is, no surprise, a bucket list staple. 


People who’ve never done it know that skydiving flips internal switches, and those who have jumped can prove it. Making a tandem, jumping often, or becoming a licensed skydiver is life-altering. Here’s why:


1. You’re Part of a Tribe


There’s a vibe at skydiving dropzones – you can feel it. 


improve your quality of life skydiving community



People come to the sport for a multitude of reasons. Some were seemingly born with a thrill-seeking gene, others jump for reclamation, release, rejuvenation. Whatever the draw, the energy around the DZ is palpable and the community that forms around it is irreplaceable. 


And regardless of whether you jump once or become a bonafide canopy pilot, you’re part of it.


2. You Gain Perspective


You know how the things that keep you up at night always feel different and more manageable in the morning? Ahhh, perspective. How grateful we are to have you. Skydiving gives you a heaping helping of perspective, without all that toxic tossing and turning. 


When you jump into the big blue from 13,500 feet above the ground, something deep down awakens and in an instant, everything feels different. 


Not only are you flying through the sky at 120 mph – a physical sensation that can’t be accomplished any other way – but you’re also bathing your brain in a powerful mix of adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine that allow you reap emotional and spiritual rewards that put mega pep in your step.


skydiving can help improve your quality of life


3. You Spice Up Your Life


Wake up. Be responsible and productive all day. Go to bed. Rinse, repeat. Adulting can be rough. 


When you intentionally usher adventure into your life, you experience a surge that can embolden you to try other things that previously felt unattainable or even a little crazy. You not only embrace the notion of I CAN! within yourself, but you also discover your spirit of AND I WILL!


Heads up – the adventure itch is wildly contagious. Those still caught on the hamster wheel will be inspired by you, and perhaps motivated to join you. Awesome. When it comes to skydiving, the more the merrier

skydiving formation improve your life

4. You Take the Leap


When you accomplish what you’d deemed impossible, you reclaim that beautiful feeling you likely left behind in childhood that anything is possible. 


And once you harness that forgotten and yet transferable treasure, the sky’s the limit. 


Think you deserve that promotion? Advocate for it. Can’t stop wondering what if and why me? Release it. Feel like that dream is too lofty? Chase it. Scared you made a mistake? Own it. 


Whatever has been holding you back, repel it. You’ve got this. Seize the day


improve your quality of life skydive carolina

5. You Satisfy Your Soul


We all want to feel content when we’re old and wonderfully wrinkly, reflecting on the twists and turns of our journey … and we all deserve to feel that sweet satisfaction when we go to sleep tonight. 


There’s truth in the old adage, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”, but it seems we’ve taken it a bit too far. What’s that other one we’d be wise to remember too? Oh yes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Yeah, we dig it. 


We invite you to flip the script and treat yo’self. When you invest in your quality of life, you invest in you. Get after it.


Blue skies, y’all!


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