Top Thing to Do in Columbia, SC this Weekend

Saturday, June 29, 2019


Summer, summer, summertime!!! (Anyone remember that epic, Fresh Prince jam or are we dating ourselves?)

Finally, it’s summer and the rain is giving us a break! It’s time to get out and enjoy the sunshine and doing all the things we dream about during those dreaded winter months!

We here are at Skydive Carolina consider ourselves experts in the “best things to do” category and we figure if you’re looking for some great things to do this summer in Columbia, SC, we can steer you in the right direction! Skydive Carolina is centrally located right smack in the middleground of Columbia and Charlotte (an hour drive each way), so we regularly visit both cities to get our kicks when we’re not in the air.

Without further ado, here are some of our fave things to do in Cola!


If you live in South Carolina then you already know about the Riverbanks Zoo And Garden. It is the perfect kid-friendly, day time activity. Who doesn’t want to go see cute penguins? Pro Tip: Go check out the gorillas during feeding time… amazing! If you get full admissions you can enjoy ziplining, rope courses, rock wall climbing and more. Good value for money and a great day (particularly if it’s raining and we can’t go skydiving).

Lion at Riverbanks Zoo


Next on our list is the Columbia Canal And Riverfront Park. Besides taking a jog alongside this 19th-century canal you can also enjoy kayaking and bicycling while spotting the local wildlife and greenery. We love this place… we think you’ll love it too!


A must see for anyone interested in the history of our beloved South Carolina is the South Carolina State House. They offer a free guided tour of the grounds. Did we mention it was free? (We love free).

4. SODA CITY Market

Did you know the slogan for the Soda City Market is “Brain. Body. Belly.” That sounds appealing in every way! Every Saturday, rain or shine, 150 vendors set up shop to educate, invigorate and feed visitors from all over the state! Vendors are open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, so don’t get there too late!


Did you really think we’d create a list of best things to do in Columbia and not put ourselves on there? We’re a quick 60-minute drive north of Columbia (that’s practically in the city limits, right?). The majority of our guests visit us from Columbia and they don’t leave disappointed.

So, if you’re Googling, ‘Things To Do in Columbia, SC this weekend,” we just made it easy for you… THIS. US. SKYDIVING.

Click Here to Book Your Skydive

A tandem instructor deploys the drogue in free fall during a skydive

Are you ready? We are!

Have a great summer, Columbians!

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