Needing Help For One of Our Own

Saturday, July 23, 2016


In May, Vanessa Bishop was to join our team.

The girl who lights up a room with a visceral energy was told that the headaches she’d been experiencing were related to brain cancer.

Time stood still.

All of us here at Skydive Carolina were shocked. Her family, numb.

How could it be that this 20 year old could get such a grave diagnosis?

Her first ‘blinding’ headaches struck while she was digging trenches in Nicaragua on a mission to help the poor. An ambassador with the Peace Corps, Vanessa has a heart of gold and a vision for helping others.

This isn’t lip service to someone who does good things… Vanessa is one of those people who truly wants to change the world.

Now she needs our help and we’re calling out to the Skydive Carolina and skydiving communities to help us hit an aggressive fundraising goal through her GoFundMe page.

Since her diagnosis, Vanessa had surgery to remove some of the tumor and the result has left her losing her speech and mobility. She is having to re-learn all of this and it is frustrating and a long journey ahead.

There are many people with needs out there, but we’d like to ask the community for help whether it be as little as $5, $50 or $500+ anything will help a family desperately trying to give Vanessa the care she needs in order to save her life.

She’s given love to many. We want to show some love back.

To donate, please visit this GoFundMe page.

Vanessa’s Full Story

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