New Jump Plane at Skydive Carolina!

Monday, May 3, 2021

New Skydiving Plane – Cessna Caravan 208


There is nothing like the gleam of a shiny new jump plane in the morning! Much to the excitement of staff and licensed skydivers alike, a few weeks ago a beautiful Cessna Caravan 208 plane touched down on our runway and came rolling by to rest her glistening wings behind our hangar. And you better believe we are beyond pleased to say that she is all ours!


The “souped-up” cousin of the industry workhorse the Cessna 182, the sleek Cessna Caravan 208 (often called a Supervan) is a skydiving dream. Here are four reasons why we are super excited the Cessna Caravan 208 skydiving plane is joining our fleet.


skydiving plane carolina

Lighting Fast Ride

The Cessna 208 can get a full load of jumpers to altitude in just 10-12 minutes. With the quick turn time of our new Cessna Caravan skydiving plane, we can fly more loads per hour. This means less time on the ground and more time in the air.


When she takes off and begins to climb, it nearly feels like you’re levitating right off the uber cushy benches we’ve equipped the aircraft with! We’re not kidding, for a second it literally feels like you are riding in a rocket ship. Half the fun of the skydive is the ride to altitude, and this plane sure gives you your money’s worth!


Speaking of a full load of jumpers. Another reason we love our new Cessna Caravan skydiving plane is that…

We Can Fit More Jumpers!

While we loved our beautiful King Air, the “Palmetto Belle,” her slim, aerodynamic physique could only shuttle 12 passengers to altitude at a time. Although she will be missed, her replacement definitely picks up the slack! Our Cessna Caravan 208 skydiving plane adds an additional 3 people to the equation. That’s right, with this plane, we can take up to 15 jumpers at a time to visit our favorite big, blue playground!

Bigger Door

When it comes to the perfect group skydiving exit, bigger is better. We are speaking of the door, of course! A nice wide door to the skydiving plane leaves plenty of room to finagle you and your friends into all kinds of creative skydiving exits. Horny gorilla exits? Check. Sit Trains? Check. Four-way launches that are smooth as butter? You guessed it: check!

Perfect For All Types Of Skydivers

Since the beginning, Skydive Carolina has taken great pride in being a skydiving destination that catered equally to all of our customers: sport jumpers, tandem students, and student skydivers. We strive to provide each important group with an unparalleled experience. The Cessna Caravan 208 allows us to maintain that legacy and to continue to live up to our own incredibly high standards.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to jump a Cessna 208, now is your chance! Make a jump with Skydive Carolina today!


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