Do You Have What It Takes To Skydive?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Yes, You Can!

It’s not uncommon for first-time tandem skydivers to spend the night before their jump biting their nails. Do I have what it takes to do this?, they worry. What if I don’t?

Put those fears to rest, dear reader, and get a good night’s pre-jump sleep. We’re experts, and we’re here to tell you: As long as you have a moderate baseline of physical fitness, a few free hours and a sense of adventure, you have what it takes to skydive. Hooray!

Still not sure? Here’s what we mean.

1. It’s Not Just For Point Break Cast Members.

If you’re not Keanu Reeves, don’t sweat it. Skydiving, even at its highest levels, is a very inclusive sport. A vast range of people make up the world’s thriving community of sport skydivers. (Once you’re on a dropzone, you’ll be amazed at the variety of jumpers.)

Health concerns are certainly a consideration, but they’re not the slamming door you might think. Worried that you’re too old for this? Nope. People in their 90s skydive routinely. Worried that a pre-existing condition might keep you on the ground? Not necessarily. Many people with pre-existing conditions need to have quick conversations with their doctors first, but they almost always walk away with the green light to make a tandem skydive. Worried that you won’t make the weight cut? Hey, if you happen to fall outside our equipment’s weight range, don’t worry–we’ll be here when you’re ready.

2. You Were Made For This.

If you’re anything like the hundreds of ecstatic first-timers that join us in our beautiful Carolina skies every weekend, you’re going to love the experience. You’re not going to freeze, pass out, throw up or freak out.

Our professional team will lead you through your first time skydiving experience from arrival to happy landing, so you’ll always have caring people to go to with your questions.

3. Fear Is Totally Utterly Perfectly Normal.

If you’re not feeling a little scared before the first time you strap on a parachute and jump out of a plane, something is very wrong. You should be scared. Everybody is!

So if everyone has a fear of skydiving, why is it such a beloved, popular thing?

Because, once you make a skydive, you can see the other side of fear: the side that gives enormous benefits for the investment of undergoing it.

Fear is adaptive. It’s part of our evolution to be afraid of what might hurt us. Fear is one of the most basic elements of our psyches, and it forces us to consider the results of our actions. After all: an animal that goes through life entirely without fear is likely to go through that life very quickly.

Fear management is a muscle. Working it out has extensive, profound effects in your life at large, strengthening your ability to make fast, informed decisions, to take a healthy perspective on knotty problems, and to approach life’s other scary moments with a proactive, creative mindset. You’ll realize huge rewards for stepping outside of your cozy comfort zone. And when it comes to skydiving NC, we’re here to help you do it!

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