Carolina Tetris

Friday, February 10, 2017

Team Carolina Tetris is Skydive Carolina’s newest Mixed Formation Skydiving Team. The team is made up of Amy Milhorne, Jarod Orrell, and videographer Daniel Schiermeyer.

Carolina Tetris

Competing in Mixed Formation Skydiving (MFS) – Advanced Class

Jarod Orrell

  • Years in sport – 8
  • Jumps – 1500
  • Tunnel hours – 75
  • Coach & AFP instructor
  • Load Organizer – 3 years
  • Interests outside of skydiving: Snowboarding, anything sci-fi, gaming, running, grilled cheese sandwiches

Amy Milhorne

  • Years in sport – 12
  • Jumps – 2300
  • Tunnel hours – 50
  • Previous team – 5 years with Carolina Kaboom (artistic freefly)
  • SC Women’s Head Up Record 2015
  • Load Organizer – 5 years
  • Interests outside of skydiving: nieces, pups, hiking, travels, all things sci-fi & grilled cheese sandwiches

Videographer – Daniel Schiermeyer

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