Can You Go Skydiving in December?

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Can You go Skydiving in Winter (or December)?

With cooler temps and winter chill in the air, many people tend to think that skydiving is a summer activity. Most people don’t consider asking “Can you go skydiving in the Winter?” but they should because the answer is yes, you absolutely can. Cold temperatures alone aren’t enough to keep us on the ground. There are a few ways you’ll need to prepare, like any other outdoor activity this time of year, but it’s definitely possible.


can you go skydiving in december

Preparation is Key

First and foremost, everyone is concerned with being too cold. Temperatures in the sky could be much cooler when you jump out of an airplane, which is amazing when it’s summertime, but in the winter, it can get a bit chilly. The name of the game with skydiving in the winter is preparation. You’ll spend approximately six minutes in the cooler temps, which is really nothing to gain an experience of a lifetime.

What to Wear Skydiving in Winter

If you’re dressed appropriately, winter skydiving will be just as exciting as any other time of year. Many winter skydivers report they didn’t notice the cold thanks to the adrenaline rush – so you might even feel a little warm! We recommend wearing a base layer of clothing to keep your core warm, and then layer up with a pair of pants and a fleece or sweatshirt. In our experience, gloves are also a must along with lightweight headwear to go under your helmet.

skydiving in winter

Timing is Everything

This time of year, there do tend to be more days where weather prohibits skydiving. Winter weather may keep us on the ground for as little as a few hours or as much as a full day. Clouds, rain, snow, and wind can all put a temporary pause on skydiving operations but cold alone won’t stop us from jumping.


So if you’re thinking about making your first skydive this winter, we’d love to welcome you to Skydive Carolina and if you have any additional questions about winter skydiving, feel free to give us a call – we answer phones every day between 9 am and 5 pm. Due to the shorter daylight hours, we have updated our winter schedule and are actively operating from Thursday through Sunday every week. Starting Friday, November 29th, we will drop to Friday through Sunday and this will continue into March 2020.


We hope to see you in the sky this winter!

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