When Is The Best Time To Skydive?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What Time of Year Should I Skydive?

If you’re like many of the first-time skydivers we’ve met, your first skydive is a big deal and you’ll want to get as much out of your experience as possible. While we’re confident that your first jump will be amazing, no matter what, there are pros and cons of skydiving in every season. At Skydive Carolina, we skydive all year round. Here are some pro tips on what you can expect through the seasons to find the best time of year to skydive for you.


Skydiving In Spring

Skydiving in spring can be a great start to your year! Blow off those winter cobwebs by doing something you can be proud of and that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Once you’ve skydived, there’s really nothing you can’t do!

We get some beautiful skies in the spring. While the weather can be a little less predictable than the summer, when the clouds do clear, we tend to see very blue, very crisp skies that make for incredible skydiving photos.

The spring is also home to Skydive Carolina’s annual skydiving party (or boogie), known as Carolinafest. This is a huge event known by skydivers the world over and we welcome jumpers from across the States and beyond to take part in some exciting skydives and some really fun evening and nighttime activities too. As a first time jumper, you’ll get a lot from being on the dropzone during Carolinafest, as they’ll be lots to see and tons of skydivers around.

One thing to note when choosing a spring date is that, though we will always do our best to get you in the sky, guidelines around the weather we can jump in can affect us a little more at this time of year. In the event that your skydive is postponed due to adverse weather conditions, we’ll help you rebook for a date of your convenience.

Of course, this less-predictable weather can also mean it’s a bit less busy here, which may mean you get to jump faster.


skydiving in spring

Skydiving In Summer


The summer tends to be our busiest time, for the first time and experienced skydivers alike.

During the summer, the days are longer and we have some gorgeous weather conditions that are perfect for jumping and for relaxing down on the ground before and after your jump.

The atmosphere on the dropzone is really chill during the summer, with experienced jumpers socializing and catching up with one another. We also get quite a few people who come down just to spectate, and they’ll often bring picnics and blankets and spend the whole day.

skydiving in summer

It all makes for a really nice experience. Do note though that the weather in the summer can be very warm, so be sure to pack appropriately with your sunscreen and hats, etc. It can also be quite busy, so though we’ll get you up for your skydive as quickly as we can, you may have to wait in line for your jump if other people arrive before you.

Skydiving In Fall


Fall is the time where the skydiving center starts to relax again after the busy season. That said, we don’t slow down our tandem skydiving operation, so the more relaxed pace among our experienced jumpers can benefit you and mean we can get you in the sky faster.

The weather in the fall is a little less predictable than the summer, and often a little windier. There are some guidelines which we need to follow around the weather in which we can skydive, but like any other time of year, if your jump is delayed for any reason, we’ll help you reschedule for a convenient alternative date.

One of the biggest benefits of skydiving in the fall is the way the season affects our views. There are few words to describe how beautiful the ground looks from a few thousand feet up and here in South Carolina, we boast some of the most breathtaking views around.

In the fall, the trees take on reds and golds and browns and you’ll see the landscape change as we move from summer to winter. The fall also tends to bring with it more of those bright blue, crisp skies we see in the spring, making again for some really stunning skydiving photos, should you choose to have a camera flyer document your jump.

Skydiving In Winter

Skydiving in winter tends to be, as you’d expect, a little colder. But with cooler temperatures come typically much clearer skies and sunsets that will take your breath away!

While it can be chillier for experienced jumpers, we’ve found the temperature rarely affects first-timers. You’ll be so overcome with the sensations of the jump itself that you’re unlikely to even notice the cold! If you do, we’ve got jumpsuits and gloves to keep you warm.

It’s also a little quieter than other times of the year. This can benefit you as a tandem skydiver as you won’t have to wait in line for your jump. It can also give you more time to absorb what’s happening around you and feel less busy.

When Should I Skydive?

Choosing the best time to skydive really comes down to your personal preference and availability.

Hopefully, this overview of the pros and cons of skydiving in each season will help you choose a jump date that’s perfect for you! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.


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