Experience Gift Ideas for Couples

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Romantic Experience Gift Ideas

Whether you’re still in the honeymoon phase or coming up on a milestone anniversary, there’s nothing like the gift of a meaningful experience to delight your significant other during the holidays. And living in Sweet Caroline means that you’re at liberty to dream up indoor and outdoor activities without making your partner wait six months to cash in on the awesome.


Here are five of our favorite experience gift ideas for couples that your partner will flip for:


No surprise, top of our list for best-ever activity gifts for couples is skydiving. One of the country’s top skydiving dropzones, – Skydive Carolina – boasts world-class instructors, top-notch facilities, meticulously maintained aircraft, and – you’ll dig this – we’re open year-round. There’s nothing on Earth that can replicate the gloriously natural high that you experience in freefall and under canopy, and few things instill the level of bonding enjoyed by couples who jump together. Check out our gift certificate options, and definitely get the video.

experience gifts for couples skydiving


Like skydiving, ziplining ranks high in our portfolio of experience gifts because it speaks directly to our adventure-seeking hearts. Clip-in, let go, live it up. Look for a course that promises a killer view and take time with the menu options. Many courses offer a variety of tour options that consider course difficulty and the time commitment of each.

Cooking Class

Working together to create and share a beautiful meal is a gift that keeps on giving. Savor the experience, learn new skills, and save the recipe to replicate in a more romantic setting. Research classes that will suit your partner’s tastes and experience level. Bonus: If your gift is a hit, you might set yourself up for years of inspired nosh.

Trip for Two

Pick a dream-come-true part of the country – or an international destination – buy a pair of plane tickets and book a hotel, and then surprise your SO with a well-researched and ready-to-execute getaway that will check all the right boxes. Check out Google Flights while doing your digging to find cheap tickets out of your preferred airport.

experience gifts for couples

Concert Tickets

Check out the tour schedule of your partner’s favorite bands and figure out their closest or coolest performance location. Nearby? Splurge for crazy-good seats. Far off? Think of local experiences you can pair with the concert experience to make it one of the most epic trips of all time. In either case, score some merch while at the venue as a reminder of your sweet surprise.

We know it may be overwhelming when looking for experience gift ideas for couples, but we hope you choose adventure and new experiences in the new year. From all of us on the ground and sky crews at Skydive Carolina, happy holidays and blue skies. Cheers!

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