7 Fun Things To Do While Skydiving

Monday, August 28, 2017

7 Fun Things To Do While Skydiving

Looking for some funny things to do while skydiving? Oh-ho-ho. You have come to the right place, dear reader. We might just be the world’s foremost experts on that at Skydive Carolina.

Just flick through the photos below and feast your eyes on what happens up in the North Carolina troposphere during the greatest show on earth: our very own stone-cold legend of a boogie, CarolinaFest.

We’d like to take a moment to showcase some of the crazier hijinks that happen at any given CarolinaFest. (Spoiler: “Wacky” doesn’t even begin to cover it.)

Photo credit (above): Raymond Adams

1. Mr. Potato Head Jumps

Here’s what you do: Get some friends together. Get a Mr. Potato Head. Take him apart. Give one bit to each jumper in the group. Give the potato part to the lucky pincushion in the middle. Attempt to assemble your tuber-dude in freefall. Good luck!

experienced jumpers assemble Mr. Potato Head in freefall

2. Raft Jumps

For this trick, you’re going to need an inflatable raft, some humans in swimsuits to sit inside, some strong-armed belly flyers to hold the handles. Getting this launched out the back of a SkyVan (or an MI-8, for you Euro kids) is pretty much the way forward.

experienced skydivers exit plane with raft

3. Skysurfing

Really miss the 90s? Got a highly customized board with lots of cutaway action that really doesn’t look like much on the ground? Sense of self-preservation on the fritz? Solitary type? Blast some Guns ‘n’ Roses in your helmet and go for a skysurf.* Even though it’s not done often, it was meaningfully part of the evolution of skydiving–and it still gets its throwback salutes occasionally.

skydiver sky surfing with experienced jumpers

Photo (above) by: Raymond Adams

4. Hula Hoop Jumps

Hula hoops: They aren’t just for super-great Burning Man videos anymore. Get a couple of your friends to fly with a (sturdy) hula hoop between them and see how many times the other jumpers can thread the needle. Take turns, please; you can imagine how well this goes when there’s a bottleneck.

experienced skydiver flies through hula hoop

5. Skyball

Ah, the simple things: Dropping a specially weighted ball and flying around and around and around and around it. It’s kinda like being a labrador, except you’re falling very quickly towards the ground, you’d better catch it before it makes a divot in someone’s sedan roof, and there’s no biscuit in it for you at the end. Wait–scratch that. You can have a biscuit if you want.

experienced skydivers make skyball jump

Photo (above) by: Raymond Adams

6. Noodle Jumps

Take a pool noodle. Get out of a plane. Joust. (It’s less fun if you’re the only person in the sky with a noodle, but it’ll still work.) Check out this video of a 3-way noodle fight in freefall.

7. Freefly Tube Jump

Harangue your friendly neighborhood load organizer to hold on to a freefly tube and make big goofy faces while you loop-de-loop around it. The ultimate: Getting three of them in the sky at once, on level, so you and your friends can get some slalom action going. Zooooooooom.

experienced jumpers make freefly tube jump

…Notice that all of these tricks require a skydiving license to pull off? You noticed right. Luckily, we’re one of the best places in the world to learn how to skydive. Once you get your solo skydiving license, you, too, can throw yourself around the wild blue yonder at CarolinaFest.

Well? What’re you waiting for? We’re looking forward to doing fun skydiving things with you!

*Bon Jovi also works for this.

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