Three Awesome Events Added to the Calendar!

Friday, February 6, 2015

New Events Added

Skydive Carolina has added three first class events to its events calendar focused on skills development from the newbie to the advanced flyer.

Learn To Skdive For Free

The first event is the Learn To Skydive For Free event to be hosted on Saturday, March 21st at 8:00am. Up to 15 participants will attend the AFP First Jump Course (a $210 program) at no charge.

This new program has been created due to Skydive Carolina’s renewed effort to grow the sport by giving more people the opportunity to skip the most expensive stage of learning to skydive – the first jump course.

15 slots have been opened for this program with more programs to follow pending its success.


Skydive Carolina Welcomes Back Sharon for Two Angle Camps

Sharon Har-noy is becoming a regular horizontal flying instructor at Skydive Carolina covering angle flying, dynamic flying and tracking jumps. Her warm and positive attitude, care for her students and incredible flying skills have made her a hit with everyone at Skydive Carolina and around the world. Sharon is a member of an elite, all-women, free flying team, the Joy Riders which was created to pursue excellence in flight while spreading joy along the journey! (Click here to see the Joy Riders lead the initative for the latest all women’s world record).

Sharon will be hosting the following two camps:

Intermediate Angle Camp April 30 – May 1, 2015 (Thursday-Friday):

4-6 participants allowed. This camp will accommodate flyers who are able to fly on level and in close proximity to the formation, but want to improve their skills when it comes to steeper angles, faster speeds and sharper turns.

Beginner Camp May 2-3, 2015 (Saturday-Sunday):
4-5 participants allowed. This camp will focus on the basic skills for tracking and angle flying including safety, basic body positions for angle flying on your belly side, approaching a formation and flying on level.

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