2022 Black Friday Sale

Monday, November 14, 2022

SAVE $50 OFF a Tandem Skydive in 2023


It’s hard to believe that 2022 is nearly in the history books and with it, a Skydive Carolina tradition is upon us once again – our legendary Black Friday / Cyber Monday Tandem Skydiving Sale!

If you’re new to Skydive Carolina, then you may be unaware that this sale is much anticipated by many of our fans and followers as it represents the only special promotion we offer all year. What makes this promotion even more exclusive is the limited number of discounted gift cards we make available – 300 in total. Due to limited supply, this promotion will sell out.

If you are gifting a tandem skydive to your significant other or staff (many local businesses purchase skydives as gifts each year), then be sure to arrive at this page on Friday, November 25th to claim yours!

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SKYDIVE FROM 14,000' FOR $209 | SAVE $50

The Black Friday Promotion – $50 OFF

Price: $209 for a 14,000′ tandem skydive gift certificate

Availability For Purchase: Friday, November 25th thru Monday, November 28th

**Limited Quantity: Only 300 certificates will be available for purchase. Promo may end before November 28th based on supply.

Quantity Restrictions for Purchase: None


Certificate Details

  • The certificate is valid during the 2023 skydiving season. Please note Skydive Carolina is closed for operations in January.
  • Certificates are nonrefundable.
  • Certificates are transferable.
  • All participants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • No participant may weigh more than 225lbs (no exceptions).
  • The promotional value of certificates is valid for the 2023 season exclusively.
  • The actual value may be used towards the full retail price of a skydive after the 2023 season.
  • The certificate is valid for one tandem skydive only and may not be used towards merchandise.
  • Promotional sale available from FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25th thru MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28TH while supplies last.



Can this promotional gift certificate be used during the 2022 season?

No. The promotional value of the certificate is valid for 2023 exclusively.

Can someone under 18 jump with parental consent?

Regrettably, no. All guests must be 18 years of age on the day of their jump. There are no exceptions.

How is the gift certificate delivered?

Gift certificates are handled electronically and will be received within minutes of purchase via e-mail.

How are specialty gift certificates redeemed?

Specialty gift certificates must be redeemed by contacting us directly at (803) 581-5867.

What is the refund policy on these certificates?

Due to the limited quantity of this offer and deep discounting, gift certificates are nonrefundable. They may be transferred or privately sold.

What is the difference between promo value and actual value?

The promotional value of $209 can be used for a tandem skydive exclusively during the 2023 calendar year during published operational hours. The promo value will expire after the last operational day in December of 2023. Thereafter, the actual value can be applied towards the full retail price of a tandem skydive.

Is this actually a good deal?

Yes, it’s a great deal! Skydive Carolina’s major point of difference is the altitude we fly to and the type of aircraft we use to get you there! We use a 22 passenger Twin Otter or 15 passenger Cessna Supervan 208. Our aircraft are more spacious and comfortable than other operators in the region and we fly to the highest altitude. You get the ultimate skydiving experience for the lowest price you’ll find anywhere! Additionally, our Black Friday-Cyber Monday is the only major promotion we offer during our calendar year.

Are there any hidden fees or associated costs, I need to worry about?

No. None. Nada. No surprises or bait and switch. The same great experience you’ve come to expect with Skydive Carolina.


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