84 Year Old Goes Skydiving!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dodie Goes Skydiving for the First Time at Age 84

At 84, Dodie has decided it’s time to mark skydiving off of her bucket list. In preparation for her big day, she wrote a beautiful poem called “Going Skydiving” which you can read below. Be inspired by the amazing, Dodie!

“Going Skydiving”

Today I’m going to do it, I’ll jump out of a plane…
Although two of my doctors said, “I think you are insane”

I said, “It’s on my bucket list, of things I want to do”…
One said, “I tried but chickened out”, Some folks think I might too”

Well today I plan to show them all, though crazy it might seem…
I’m sure I will experience, what only some can dream

I understand what tandem means, but my mind can’t compute…
Why when two are jumping is there just one parachute?

I’ll jump at 14,000 ft. and then fall through the sky…
The term that’s used is “sky dive” but, it is my chance to fly

I will fly higher than the birds, the way my loved ones do…
And say to them when I come down, “One day I’ll fly to you”

But today is just for practice, with blue sky all around…
My goals to get this over with, and get back on the ground

Hug my son and say to him, “son, now I am a flyer”…
Ready for my final trip, when I’ll be flying higher”

But first I’ll get my bucket list, where I’m keeping score…
And put a check by Skydiving at age of eighty four.

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