The Best Videos of 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

There are some VERY creative people in the skydiving world! We’ve viewed HUNDREDS of skydiving videos and have made a list of our top 10. Some of these you’ve never heard of… but they’re really good!



HOW TO SKYDIVE from Seidub Creative – ChristianWhyte on Vimeo.

Carolina Fest 2014 from Richard Scheurich on Vimeo.

The perfect speed from Satori Factory – Alex Aimard on Vimeo.

Dance Off: PD style from Performance Designs Inc. on Vimeo.

Vector Festival 2014 – “Desire” from Cameron Schiller on Vimeo.

BRO from leoblanchon on Vimeo.

French HD Record 2014 from Ewan Cowie on Vimeo.



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