Final Day to Pre-Register for CFest2016!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Last Chance…

Today is the day! Pre-registration closes at midnite tonight!

The countdown for CarolinaFest 2016 started six months ago and now we’re only a few short weeks away until it all begins on May 31st!

Should You Pre-Register?

CarolinaFest is unique in that we actually have a cap on registration. Capping attendees allows us to better plan for a well-organized event. Our aim is for short wait times for aircraft, the opportunity for the great majority of jumpers to get a free skydive via our sponsored loads and the ability to jump with lots of load organizers. While the more the merrier is usually the case, we have found that there is a sweet spot for the amount of attendees we host. That sweet spot is 375 people!


How Many Have Pre-Registered?

Today is the last day to pre-register for the event and as of this typing (10:00am EST) we are at exactly 350 people pre-registered. 25 Pre-Registered slots remain. Will you be one of them?

Pre-Registration will close at midnite or when the limit of 375 has been met… whatever occurs first.

Why You Should Pre-Register

Boogie Swag – We’re putting together boogie bags, and part of that is the sweet tee shirt for this year’s theme – Star Wars. Pre-registered jumpers will have their size awaiting them at registration. Those that don’t pre-register may not get the right size shirt as per our cap size, we try to order enough for the amount of folks that are attending.

Guaranteed Slot – Pre-Registering guarantees your slot at this year’s event. Once we hit our quota of 375, registration for the entire event will be closed.


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