Why Jump? An Interview with Blake Reid

Monday, July 18, 2016

Blake Reid’s Skydiving Story

Here at Skydive Carolina, we’ve been serving the skydiving Charlotte community and neighboring cities for over 30 years and we’re still fascinated by what brings people to us.

Deciding to make a skydive isn’t usually an impromptu decision. Usually, there’s a string of events that causes people to decide that now is the point in their lives to make the 14,000-foot leap.

So, we’ve been asking our customers, Why Now? What led you to make a skydive with us? Recently, we received a glowing review from one of our customers, Blake Reid and we wanted to learn his story.

SC: What do you do for a living?

BR: I currently work for the Department of Homeland Security and have worked for Uncle Sam for 27.5 years.

SC: How old are you?

BR: 51

SC: What made you decide that now was the time you had to make a skydive?

BR: I was very recently divorced and vowed to “live life” to its fullest! I’ve been saddled way too long and will no longer deny myself of joy that life offers!

SC: Was there anything about the skydiving experience that you weren’t expecting?

BR: Two items actually; 1) I was not expecting “not” to be afraid; and 2) the difficulty in breathing upon exiting the a/c due to the 120 mph wind speed rushing at my face.

SC: What was your favorite part of the experience?

BR:T he whole damn thing, from check-in to landing. But, my favorite by far was the freedom of the “free-fall”!

SC: What did free fall feel like to you?

BR: Like I was floating/flying like a bird. No words can express the feeling of such joy and fulfillment!

SC: Many people think skydiving is crazy… did your friends and family think you were crazy for doing it?

BR: Most definitely, and they still do! But, I believe my experience has seeded a desire and interest in my father who plans on accompanying me, as well as putting those “land-lovers” on notice that they also should accept and achieve “personal challenges”.

SC: Clearly, you loved the experience. What would you say to those that say, “No way.”

BR: Try it at least once to say you’ve done it; and I guarantee you’ll become addicted with the strong desire to do it again and again and ……..!

SC: Would you skydive again?

BR: ABSOLUTELY!! I hope to be back at your facility by September of this year!!

SC: In five words, describe your experience.

BR: Absolutely, unequivocally an amazing experience!

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