CarolinaFest Prep In Full Swing!

Monday, April 4, 2016


Get ready boys and girls!! The boogie of the year is right around the corner and we can’t wait!!!!

CarolinaFest 2016 begins on Tuesday, May 31st meaning you’ve got less than two months to:

  • get current
  • prepare your costumes for the epic Saturday night costume party (see theme below… it’s awesome)
  • figure out which one of our amazing LO’s you plan to jump with
  • mastermind your strategy to get on as many free loads as possible
  • identify what gear you want to demo…
  • and did we mention the parties?

Here’s your latest update of things YOU MUST KNOW:


If you’re new to CarolinaFest, you need to know that we’re capping attendance at 375 skydivers. More than 200 have already pre-registered. We pre-register to ensure low wait times on aircraft and to focus on catering a good event to a sustainable number so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

So, if you’re planning to attend and you haven’t registered… DO IT NOW. If you’re short on money, slap it on a credit card. If your credit is maxed, borrow from a friend and pay them back… but register now because when we hit the mark… registration is closed. Click here to register and get it done.


One of the sweetest deals of CarolinaFest is the opportunity to jump for free! We have generous companies that sponsor entire loads. If you play your cards right, you can offset your entire registration fee by making free jumps…BOOM! Here’s our list of current load sponsors and this list will only grow as we get closer to the event:

DropZone Marketing1 Sponsored Load
Hickory Sheet Metal1 Sponsored Load
Strong Enterprises 3 Sponsored Loads
Sunpath Products2 Sponsored Loads
Xtreme Media Productions1 Sponsored Load
Total8 Sponsored Loads… with more to come!


We’ve got some amazing prizes for this years raffle. A huge thank you to the companies that have contributed thusfar! #notyourordinaryraffle

ManufacturerRaffle Prize
DropZone Apparel1 Pair of Swoop Pants or Freefly Pants
DropZone Apparel25% OFF Jumpsuit
DropZone Apparel25% OFF Jumpsuit
PD Flight -1 Certificate for a Flight-1 Course
Vertical Suits25% OFF a Vertical Suit
Velocity Sports Equipment10% OFF the base price of a rig
Larsen & BrusgaardOne Viso II with an armband
Parachute SystemsVortex Container
TMOtwo (2) 25% OFF jumpsuit voucher
ChutingStarGear Bags
ChutingStarGo Pro Covers
ChutingStar Helmet Bags
United Parachute Technologies (UPT)30% Off base, 15% off options
United Parachute Technologies (UPT)30% Off base, 15% off options
Xtreme Media ProductionsHypoxic TurnedOn
Xtreme Media ProductionsHypoxic TurnedOn

Current Aircraft Lineup

King Air
Grand Caravan
Otters x 3

Saturday Night Theme Party

It broke records at the box office and now it’s going to break records for awesomeness at CarolinaFest. This years CarolinaFest Theme is centered around STAR WARS!


More updates to follow, but we can promise this… it’s going to be an epic CarolinaFest!!!!!!!

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