Skydiving Charlotte? Buyer Beware

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Skydiving Charlotte? Buyer Beware!

If you’re searching for a place to skydive in the Charlotte area and type in the words ‘skydiving’ and ‘Charlotte’ into Google, you’ll find that Skydive Carolina comes in second in the listings to a website known as

As many of our customers have learned, things aren’t as they appear to be. Clicking on brings you to a nice, well-designed website that gives the appearance that this is a skydiving center, literally in downtown Charlotte! The address listed for this operation is 201 South Tryon Street. While it is possible that the offices of this establishment could be located here, it’s unlikely. Whether there’s a legitimate office in downtown Charlotte or not, know this… there isn’t a skydiving center there.

The phone number listed on the site is a curious one and when called will be answered by someone saying the vague term “Skydive Center.” The number you’ve just called is being answered by one of several agents fielding calls in a call center in Georgia. If you don’t ask too many questions, you’ll pay a high price for a tandem skydive (much higher than if you call an actual skydiving center directly) and scheduled to jump at an actual skydive center located in Andrews, South Carolina… 3 hours and 15 minutes from Charlotte!

We have had many customers come to us upset about how this advertising tactic is presented and how they spent hundreds of dollars thinking they were getting something much, much different. Getting a refund is not easy and consumers feel ripped off.

Presently, there are over 80 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau because this is a rampant issue across the country with this same company.

Skydiving Charlotte? Not on 201 South Tryon Street

Above: 201 South Tryon Street… uptown Charlotte

While we appreciate the SEO tactics of this Georgia company to get people to call them, we’d feel better for consumers in the marketplace if this company represented themselves as a third party reseller than the grey area of presenting a physical address in Charlotte and having the words skydiving Charlotte smattered all over their site presenting themselves as a local operation when they are not. You can see this by several reviews left on their local Google Business page here that confirms this.

This post isn’t about sour grapes as Skydive Carolina has been competing against this ‘ghost’ skydiving center for years. The anger and continuous complaints we hear from locals around the Columbia, Charlotte, Greenville, Asheville and Hickory areas have led our management team to publish this article to warn customers seeking the best adventure in the world to not have the experience soured.

If you’re thinking of skydiving Charlotte… buyer beware!

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