How to Live in the Moment and Stop Worrying

Thursday, May 2, 2019

“The trick is to enjoy life. Don’t wish away days waiting for better ones ahead.” – Unknown

How to Live in the MOment

Living in the moment: it’s something a lot of us aspire to do. But in modern day America it’s easier said than done.

Whether we’re planning what’s next, posting about what just happened, or getting sucked into the undertow of day-to-day worries, being present is less and less of a reality. We even catch ourselves in the act of filming our partner/ kids/ dogs/ fill-in-the-blank and then self-shame, thinking about how we should live in the moment instead of filtering it.


first skydive wearing contacts while skydiving
Tandem instructor, Ashley Fischer exits the Twin Otter. Photo by Lauren “LP” Piscatelli


Y,all. It’s time to quit should-ing all over the place and make some different choices.

Tips to Live in the MOment 

Look within, talk to your pals, do some research. Commit to fulfilling something on your bucket list, stretching your comfort zone, or helping someone you love reach new heights. And then do the damn thing. Show up for yourself. Soarrrrr.

How Skydiving Can Help YOu LIve in the MOment

For us, there’s no better way to soak up the here-and-now and put down that sack of worry than skydiving. You buy the ticket, you take the ride, and you can’t help but be anywhere else than in the present:

Cruising to altitude, the anticipation floods you with adrenaline. Courage, strength, power. LET’S DO THIS!

how to live in the moment skydiving


You exit the plane and freefall consumes you. Serotonin sidles up to adrenaline and you are victorious, awake, absolutely awe-inspired. You’re legit flying.

And then your canopy opens and everything falls silent, sweet, beautiful. Dopamine takes over. You are significant. You are amazing. You are you.

parachute opening how to live in the moment


You see it? Present.

And what’s more, the feeling never goes away. Every skydive gives the same gift of “this; just this”.

How Melissa Nelson Lowe, PRofessional Skydiver Lives in the Moment

Professional skydiver and 23-time world-record holder Melissa Nelson Lowe tells of her ability to suspend the worry of yesterday and tomorrow:

In the beginning, I let my mind wander about what it would be like to achieve a world record skydive. Then in my mind, mapped out what it would take to do it. Being productive with my thoughts, dreaming of goals, then the important part: taking action.

Now, every time I show up for a world record event, my phone is in my pocket while I greet my friends, then once the homecoming moment is over, it’s time to get to business and focus on the task at hand: doing my job to be my best to earn the world record.

I am a mom so yes, I worry. But I know those are not productive thoughts and I tell myself, “I do not agree with those thoughts” then I shake it off, and visualize my part of the skydive without letting anything else around me distract my attention.

When we all jump out, and the rush of wind blasts in my ears, I’m laser-focused, taking deep breaths, taking it all in, and I’m no where else in the world but in freefall, 100% in the moment.

What Happens When You Take the Leap of Faith to Be in the Moment

When you surrender to the now and take a leap of faith, your worries will – at least temporarily – float away in the clouds. And when you return back to earth, you’ll likely have gained a renewed sense of self and zest for life. Skydiving has the power to put everything back into perspective.

When you’re ready to embrace the moment and cast your worry to the wind, get in touch. We’d love to welcome you to the skies above Skydive Carolina! Call or click today!

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