8 Things You Should Know Before Going Skydiving

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Feeling a little unprepared for your tandem skydive? Or just looking for a little information before committing? We are here to help with the top things to know before going skydiving. Considering you don’t know what you don’t know, it is completely normal to feel a little overwhelmed going into your first tandem skydive. If you’re wondering what to know before going skydiving, we’ve got the answers.


These are 8 things you should know before going skydiving!

things to know before going tandem skydiving

1. Know Your Weight

Many folks steer clear of keeping tabs on their current weight. However, for skydiving, weight is a primary factor of eligibility. Nearly all dropzones have stringent weight restrictions in place and, if you exceed the weight limit, you won’t be able to skydive. The weight restrictions at skydiving centers are not established out of malice or intended to body shame those who exceed the weight limit. Rather, the weight restrictions are in place because of the limitations of the gear used for skydiving.

To be used for jump operations, all skydiving harnesses and parachutes undergo exhaustive testing in order to be issued a Technical Standard Order (TSO) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This TSO establishes the conditions under which the equipment will properly function. One of the stipulations is a maximum operating weight.

For the gear used specifically for tandem skydiving, the total weight limit is 500lbs and includes the weight of the instructor, the student, and the rig itself (50-60lbs). Exceeding this limit is an act of gross negligence and could endanger both the tandem student and the instructor. It is for this reason skydiving dropzones have established weight limits.


At Skydive Carolina, our weight limit is 225lbs.

2. Know If You're Medically Cleared to Skydive

Tandem skydiving is an accessible way to experience jumping from an airplane and, in general, just about anyone can do it. There are, however, a few medical conditions that may preclude you from jumping or may require approval from your physician before attempting skydiving.


If you have had neck or back injuries, seizures, high blood pressure, or certain heart conditions, you will need to first consult with your doctor before making a skydive. If you have any questions about other medical conditions or other skydiving medical restrictions, please don’t hesitate to call the dropzone.

3. How Much Skydiving Costs

Before going skydiving, you should be aware of how much it costs. Prices will vary from facility to facility but generally, in our region, the cost ranges from the low to mid-200s.


Tandem Skydiving Prices at Skydive Carolina

Tandem Skydiving Prices

Thursday - Tandem Skydive $209.00Book
Friday - Tandem Skydive $259.00Book
Saturday Early Bird - Tandem Skydive
8:00am Time Slot
Saturday - Tandem Skydive $259.00Book
Sunday - Tandem Skydive $259.00Book
Monday - Tandem Skydive $209.00Book
Closed Tuesday & Wednesday --Book

If you come across a skydiving deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is. The cost of a tandem skydive often reflects the caliber of the company you are jumping with. Maintaining aircraft, employing certified, licensed instructors, and inspecting and servicing equipment costs a pretty penny. If the skydiving cost you’re seeing is dirt cheap, well, it likely means something is being neglected. Buyer beware …

Once you know how much the skydive costs, you should also know if you have enough to spring for the video. After all, skydiving for the first time is a momentous occasion and one well worth documenting to share with friends and family for years to come!

Video Services Prices at Skydive Carolina

Video Services

Stills Photography
Package includes 30-60 digital photos that will be sent to you via email following your skydive on a Dropbox link, Price includes tax
Package includes a fully edited video that will be downloaded as an MP4 file and sent to you via email on a Dropbox link. Price includes tax.
Video & Stills
Package includes an edited video and 30-60 digital photos sent to you via a link to a Dropbox link. Price includes tax.
Social Media Package
Package includes 30-60 photos, fully edited video & 1 video clip for social media sent to you via a Dropbox link. Price includes tax.
Xtreme Package
Xtreme package is the best package! You will have video & stills of the freefall, plus video of the canopy flight. Plus the 1 minute social clip

4. Make Sure You’re Booking with a Real Dropzone

Unfortunately, there are scams out there: companies purporting to be real skydiving dropzones making reservations for phony facilities. A few of their victims even ended up at Skydive Carolina believing they’d made a reservation for our dropzone only to find out they’d been had by an illegitimate call center.

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, do your research! The United States Parachute Association (USPA) has a Dropzone Locator which you can use to search for verified USPA group member skydiving centers in your area. If your dropzone of interest declares that they’re a USPA member, but they’re not on the list, don’t book with them.

Skydive Carolina's main hangar

5. What to Eat

Many believe that it would be unwise to eat before their skydive, but this is far from the truth! In fact, one of the worst things you can do is skip breakfast the day of your skydive. Be sure to eat a balanced healthy meal before driving to the dropzone and pack a cooler with some lighter fare like carrots, apples, bananas, and crackers. Additionally, be sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated on the day of your jump. You want to be feeling top-notch before you take the plunge! (Read: no alcohol!)

6. What to Wear

Your wardrobe for skydiving will be the same as what you might wear for an outdoor workout. You’ll want to dress according to the weather. If the temperatures are chilly, wear a base layer and add a light close-fitting fleece on top. On the bottom, choose sweatpants or comfortable denim with a layer underneath if the weather calls for it. If you’re joining us in summer when the weather is warm, a T-shirt or tank top is fine on top. Athletic capris or joggers are ideal on the bottom. Shorts can also be worn, but please keep in mind that if you slide in at landing, your exposed skin could get a grass burn.

7. It's Actually Fun

Skydiving gets a bad rap for being terrifying, and sure, jumping from a plane in flight can be, admittedly, a bit scary. However, skydiving is also some of the most fun you may ever have. It’s kind of a complex experience. From the thrill of freefall to the utter peace of the canopy flight (of course if you prefer a zippier ride, you can get that too), there’s so much packed into this activity. When your feet touch down on terra firma again, you’ll feel elated, and you’ll also likely look back up to that big blue sky speckled with clouds ready to taste flight again.


(Also, don’t listen to those inner fears of a stomach-drop sensation. The feeling of a roller coaster is not like the feeling of skydiving freefall!)

should i go skydiving quiz

8. It's Addictive!

Getting bitten by the skydiving bug is a real thing. One jump just isn’t enough! If you land, return to your “real life”, and find all you can think about is skydiving … well, friend, you might have the bug! Unfortunately, the only way to cure it is to satiate your yearning …


It’s time to skydive again! What’s the plan – another tandem, or learning to skydive? Whichever way you choose to go, get to it! Blue skies!

Try Tandem Skydiving


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