Carolina Bootie Babes

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Carolina Bootie Babes XP is at the very minimum, a 4-way FS team. The team consists of four dynamic, bootie wearing, belly flying, point turnin’ women, ready for the challenge! They are focused on improving their skill and knowledge in the FS discipline, all while having fun and giving back to the skydiving community. The “Bootie Babes” officially began in 2018 and have competed in the 2019 USPA and 2020 Virtual 2.0 Nationals. 2021 USPA Nationals is next on their radar, as they continue to share their enthusiasm for the sport with the rest of the world! Our first goal for 2021 is to teach everyone how to spell bootie 😉


Erika Schneid

Years in Sport: Licensed in 2011

Jumps: 650

Tunnel hours: 13

License: C-47849

Ratings: USPA Coach

Activities outside of skydiving: traveling, exploring with friends, rock climbing, and brainstorming for new adventures 😊

I got into skydiving years ago between Skydive Carolina and another local drop zone. When I came back after years off, the community became family, and my goals became commitments. Long term, I hope to continue to support other newcomers, and push myself to have fun and increase my skill. I would like to continue to grow as a FS team in vision, speed and execution. I also hope to fly in between training to better hone the basics of not only this, but other disciplines that I’m interested in such as Free-flying and now Wingsuiting.

Jamie Caldwell

Years in Sport: 4

Jumps: 550

Tunnel hours: 6

License: D-39715

Ratings: USPA Coach

Activities outside of skydiving: dancing, reading, and all things related to cats!

I’m a licensed CPA working as an assistant controller in commercial real estate. I got into skydiving through my sister and brother-in-law who worked in manifest and on the packing mat, respectively, at another DZ. My goals are to continue competing in 4-way FS, begin competing in 8-way FS, participate in big-way formations and keep dabbling in CRW. I also hope to help newer jumpers in their skydiving journey!

Emily Karr

Years in Sport: 5

Jumps: 500+

Tunnel hours: 20+

License: C-48749

Ratings: USPA Coach

I was introduced to skydiving by some friends who were already in the sport. My goal is to keep improving and have as much fun as possible while doing it! Outside of skydiving, I’m a CPA working in public accounting. When I’m not working or jumping, I enjoy playing in pool league and watching football.

Kelly Turbeville

Years in Sport: 4

Jumps: 320

Tunnel hours: 20+

License: C-49234

Ratings: USPA Coach

Activities outside of skydiving: Rock climbing, kayaking, paddle boarding, mountain biking, camping, traveling, and basically anything else outside 🙂

I am an Outdoor Educator that enjoys experiences and adventures over anything else. After doing my first tandem I was hooked! I began the program in 2017 and have never looked back. When I first started it was just for me to do something new and cool, but little did I know I would find my best friends and family. Each year I plan to learn more than the year before, and help as many people as I can have a better understanding and love for such an incredible sport. I am looking forward to spending more days challenging myself and those around me.

Ryan Langley

Years in Sport: 8

Jumps: 1350

Tunnel hours: 7

License: D-35928

Ratings: Coach, AFFI, S&TA Skydive Carolina

Activities outside of skydiving: Spending time with my amazing dog, racing and still helping those guys out every once and a while, attending or watching my hockey team Lightning kick butt, and looking for my next girlfriend 😉

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