The Top 6 Adventures in Charlotte

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Top Adventure Activities in Charlotte, NC

Aside from skydiving, we consider ourselves to be experts on all things related to SPEED and ADVENTURE! We’ve done all there is to do in this town and we have created ‘THE CHARLOTTE ADVENTURE LIST.’ If you’re visiting Charlotte or are a resident of Charlotte, we recommend these awesome activities in our area.

1. Skydive Carolina! – Are we biased? Absolutely!! But is there anything really more exciting than jumping from 13,500 feet? Until SpaceX starts taking passengers to space, we think we’ve got the number one position locked down for adventure activities!

2. USNWCThe US National Whitewater Center is like DisneyWorld for grownups! The place is spectacular. Looking to do some whitewater rafting…try the Rodeo Rafting tour! Guaranteed to get booted, so prepare to swim! Throw in some serious mountain bike trails, excellent climbing walls, zip lines and live music on Thursday nights with a cold adult beverage….EPIC!!!!

3. Canaan ZipWe feel this place is a diamond in the rough and it’s in our backyard!! Awesome ziplines criss-cross the Catawba River. But how cool is Night Zips?!!! Or if you have a date who doesn’t mind a little adventure…how about dinner and a zip?

4. Richard Petty Driving ExperienceWe’re gonna get to the point. The Ride-Along…nope. If you’re going to do this, you have to go big with you behind the wheel, driving a stock car around Charlotte Motor Speedway for 8 laps…if you can spring for more laps…do it! The speeds are so fast, that anything less than 8 laps doesn’t quite cut it.

5. CarowindsNot just for the kids. Our favorite rides? 1. Rip Cord / Sky Flyer – this ride may not look like much, but it gets the heart pounding as you look down at the cement of where you’ll go if things don’t workout. 2. The Drop Tower – the sudden drop is so much fun! There are lots of great roller coasters, but the two rides above are our favorites!

6. Charlotte Helicopters – we have jumped from these helicopters many times and have had a blast!!! Join Reini for a tour around Charlotte in one of his awesome helicopters!

Wouldn’t creating a package to do all of these activities in one weekend be amazing? We think so….!!!

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