Why a Skydive is the Ultimate Birthday Present

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Give the Gift of Skydiving

The brilliant benefactor strives each revolution around the sun to outdo the birthday present from the year before. As time goes on, it can become increasingly difficult to awe with any ole’ typical birthday gift. So, what’s a dedicated gift giver to do? Why give the ultimate birthday gift, of course: a skydive birthday present.

Not yet convinced? Allow us to elaborate. These are the top reasons why you should give a skydive as a birthday present.

jump out of perfectly good airplane

Reason Number One: It’s Unforgettable

Take a second to think: can you remember any of the birthday gifts you received three years ago? Two years ago? Last year even? In the gift-giving game, only the strong survive to inhabit the hallowed halls of memory.

If you want a shot at leaving your mark on your loved ones’ hippocampus, you need to up the ante with your gift-giving. And, you better believe skydiving gifts have exactly what it takes to make a lasting impression! While the memory of other birthday presents may fade, the skydive birthday present is simply unforgettable.

From the moment they open the surprise and for countless years after they make their first skydive, your gift will be the most memorable. A skydive birthday present isn’t just out of the box unique, it is a completely epic adventure of a lifetime! Get ready to be the cool [insert relationship here]!

Reason Number Two: Experiences Are Better Than Things

While material gifts are well-intentioned, they have fallen out of fashion. As it stands, Americans as a whole have “too much stuff”. In fact, the clutter statistics are pretty startling: according to the New York Times magazine, 1 in every 10 Americans has to rent off-site storage even though according to NPR, the average size of the American home has tripled in size over the past 50 years. Simply put, even though we have more space, we still don’t have enough room for the stuff we’ve acquired.

So, why, dear reader, would we want to add to this clutter catastrophe!?… Exactly, we wouldn’t.

This is precisely why giving an experience far surpasses giving another thing. Another gadget might have your loved ones’ favor for a month or two, but inevitably, like the rest of our things, it will end up tossed into a dark, dreary storage unit or tucked away forgotten in an attic.

An experience won’t be discarded so easily or so readily. An experience impacts a person at a mental and emotional level. Experiences create memories, and our memories are one of the most precious mental treasures we have. Help enrich someone’s life with a bold, new experience: give a skydiving gift certificate, not another knickknack.

skydiving birthday gift is skydiving fun tandem skydiver smiling

Reason Number Three: You May Change Someone's Life Forever

The experience of skydiving is often transformative. Making the leap takes a bit of courage and a willingness to step outside of a preconceived “comfort zone.” When someone makes a skydive, they will usually see themselves in an entirely new light. The paradigm shift is overwhelmingly positive. After all, if they can conquer the challenge of skydiving, what can possibly hold them back?

When you give someone a skydiving birthday present, you can almost guarantee that your loved one is going to be given an opportunity to change their life forever and for the better!

Bust out the balloons and cake and gift a skydive birthday present today!

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