Skydive Carolina Hosts Families of Highway Fatalities

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Throughout the years, Skydive Carolina has been fortunate enough to work with many different groups for various different reasons. We’ve hosted marriage proposals, bachelor parties, company outings, team building experiences and even offered a little bit of therapy by allowing folks to forget about their troubles for awhile. The latter holds true with the Families for Highway Fatalities group which came to Skydive Carolina this week.

FHF is essentially a support group for families who have lost loved ones due to traffic fatalities. As any of us can imagine, the devestation that comes with losing a loved one so suddenly and traumatically can be difficult to overcome. FHF lends assistance to families in crisis and helps them through the grieving process and shows the way to get up and continue to live despite great tragedy. This week, we hosted these family members and gave them the chance to jump in memory and honor of the loved ones lost. In all we were fortunate to host 25 family members.

Hosting this group brought added empathy to the staff of Skydive Carolina as one of our own instructors was hit by a drunk driver nearly three weeks ago. We are missing one of our own and the staff of Skydive Carolina wanted to ensure that we gave these families an amazing time.

The beauty of a skydive is it takes one completely out of their comfort zone and forces one to live completely in the moment. The experience of freefall is nothing pure joy and a very special feeling.

It was an honor to host the families of FHF this week.

Read about some of the stories in the Rock Hill Herald found here.

ABC affiliate WSOC coverd the story also here.

Rock Hill’s CN2 covered the story here.

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