Scarecrow Returns to CarolinaFest

Friday, March 27, 2015


Who is ready to SHRED with Scarecrow? Tuck and Kate will be onsite offering a special coaching fee of $20 plus slot for one-on-one coaching. Slots sell out every year, so if you know this is for you, lock it down quickly!


Coaching Details

Our Carolinafest Coaching Package price is $20 per jump, plus slots (yours and ours) and includes a copy of the videos of your jumps. We ask that each student please commit to a two jump minimum (We are available for more than two as well). This minimum policy is 100% for the benefit of the student, as we have found that the second jump is where learning starts.

Please make all payments to your coach, same day of coaching before close of manifest. Please find us 15-30 mins before your scheduled time so that we have ample time to pre-brief (which includes talking about your current skill level, your goals in the sport, manifesting, talking about body positions, dirt diving and mocking up exits).

If you have the opportunity, please introduce yourself to us before your scheduled time so that we have a face to go with your name. We jump, coach and compete all across the country and meet lots of people in our amazing sport, so help us be able to find you if we need to do so. We aren’t hard to find and you can always page us at manifest if you can’t locate us.

If you need to cancel, please do so via this email up until the event starts. If you need to cancel once the event has started please do so as early as possible, through manifest or in person with us.

Please visit and ‘Like’ our Facebook page to stay updated on the latest and greatest in the world of bodyflight. Contact Tuck if you have any other questions. Thanks again and we look forward to flying with you soon!

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